Thursday, 17 December 2009

Days 8 to 17 Advent

This is Day 8, a cute little Santa with Wreath
Day 9 I received these love foam Christmas Shapes

Day 10 I received this Chart & Charms Kits called Sew Cozy

Day 11 I got these lovely Christmas Tea Towels

Day 12, some lovely yummy smelly candles and pot to stick them in

Day 13, some gorgeous, Sassy's Fabric, called Colbalt, Sunflower and Cape Cod Blue

Day 14, a cure Snowman Stocking and 2010 Calendar

Day 15, this cute Snowman Handtowel and Red Mettalic Ribbon

Day 16, lovely recipe books, the kids are patiently waiting to cook from it already lol

Day 17, this lovely Snowman towel, not sure what it is used for, but when I know, I'll let you know hehe.

Stitching update coming soon hopefully, once the decorating has been done, not stitched except for teaching which I finished today. Back to teaching in January. Haven't really had a chance to get mine done since I got back from Stockport lol.

Karen thanks for having at the weekend, love being there and glad I could help with Tatty Teddy. Luvs ya sis, speak soon.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Days 4, 5 & 7

I got these Cute socks on day 4. Roll on Christmas Day lol.
On the 5th I got a book mark in this cute little Ginerbread man bag

And today on the 7th I got some lovely gingerbread handsoap, another that smells good enough to eat lol.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Day 3 and Celtci Summer Update

Here is Day 3 of my Advent, they are Holiday Sandwich Bags. They are soooo cute, they have Christmas patterns on them.
Here is Celtic Summer, I have almost finished the top section, and am hoping to get more done on her soon.

I have been teaching 10 girls, at my boys to school to Cross Stitch, it has been very popular and I have 14 next Term including one Boy already, this is going to be a regular thing, which is great. My friends Daughter who comes to see me once a week is loving it, she has been stitching a L*K design called Merry Chris-mouse, we are doing an SAL together. It is one from Tiny Tidings XI, there are 5 of them to do, and we are gonna do all 5 hehe, will take a pic of mine and hers together when I can.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Day 2

Here is day 2, some lovely body lotions called Twisted Peppermint, Vanilla Bean Noel and Winter Candy Apple, the smell devine mmmmmmm, almost good enough to eat.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Day 1 of my Advent Exchange

Here is Day 1 of my advent exchange, I love it, thanks jorja, he is real cute. I have been stitching on Celtic Summer and also started a L*K Tiny Tidings called Merry Chris-mouse, it was started with a friends Daughter, who is learning to stitch and she wanted me to stitch it with her, so we are both stitching the same thing, its cute.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

4 WIP Updates

Here is the first one, which is Winter Beauty Princess, have gotten back into her, I noticed that I had missed a couple of stitches further up, but will go back and add them later.
This next one is called Tulip by John Clayton from the Connections Series. Can't decide on which one to do next once this one is finished, have Day Lily and Iris to do next.
This is my next small Mira start called Miss Valentine, not done much on her as you can see lol. Will do Bluebell next.
And last but not least here is Celtic Summer, I am loving her, will be getting back to my Monday SAL with her very soon, now that the mojo is back I can get her finished too. Once she is done, I may start Spring.

I have loved stitching all of these, but only just start picking it all up again. Hoping to keep up with posting pics at least once or twice a week now. Well will try lol. Thanks for looking and thanks for all you previous lovely comments, they are very much appreciated xxxx

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Pressie for a friends Daughter

I made these this morning, for a friends daughter who turns 11 today. I hope she likes them, will keep you posted. She was very excited, at the fact I was making something for her lol.

Will have an update of Celtic Summer and Winter Beauty Princess soon.


Sunday, 1 November 2009

Magnolia HD

Here she is, I finished her whilst visiting Karen on Friday 30th October woohooooo, she was lovely to stitch up and have now put her away to decide what I am gonna do with her and all the others I want to do.

Karen Thanks for having us, we had a lovely time, and was glad to get you stitching he he. Looking forward to seeing a piccy real soon. Jaclyn thanks for letting us visit you today, had a lovely afternoon.

I started Miss Valentine yesterday at Karens, and then did some more on her staying in the hotel for the night last night, as I wasn't gonna take everything into the room for 1 night, I didn't see the point really. Yesterday and today also I worked on Celtic Summer, I will post a piccy tomorrow afternoon. I am working on the top section above CS head and that section is almost finished, am hoping to get the beading done on that area tomorrow once the stitching is done.

Back to my Rotas starting tomorrow too.
Monday's - Celtic Summer SAL
Tues - Fri - Winter Beauty Princess
Fri evening to Sunday other SALs I am in.

Once WBP is done I shall concentrate on Pompeji well will see if this works first lol.
Thanks for looking

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Magnolia WIP 2

Here she is after 2 more days of work, now all I have to do is tackle the skirt and her legs lol. There is alot more of her to come. Am loving stitching her, and I am hoping to get her finished by Friday night.
TFL xx

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Celtic Summer pic

Here is a pic of Celtic Summer, I didn't get much done, but am loving getting back to her on Monday SAL days on the Celtic Lady blog. I am hoping to get more of her done soon. Roll on next Monday

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Pomp Part 8 Finally finished woohooooooo

Here is Part 8 finally finshed, I still have parts 6,7, and 9 to do, but I am going to concentrate on the bottom section, until all parts are done, so onto part 10 now, but only at the bottom.

I am gonna start part 10 now and then its onto Trick or Treat Fairy, as I need to catch up on an SAL

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Magnolia WIP 1

Here she is after 1 day of stitching, I am loving the Pixie Couture Range by Nora Corbett, and will be doing more of them. I think Bluebell will be the next one.

I am beading and backstitching her as I go along. The next piece I am going to work on now is Pompejian Garden, Part 8 is almost complete, piccy coming tomorrow.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Another HD

Here is my next Happy Dance. I stitched this bib for a friend ion America who is expecting baby girl. Took me a day in total stitch. Now to get it in the post.Just gotta decide on what to stitch now lol.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Christmas Elf Fairy no 2

Here she all finished. Karen thanks for letting me stitch this one for you. I enjoyed stitching her for myself 3 yrs ago and to stitch it again, was great fun. I love her, and Mirabilia Designs.

She took 4 days in total, and I did have a couple of days inbetween to have a rest with not been feeling to great, but here she is. The fabric is from a company called Sparklies, she was stitched on Aida but I don't have the name of the fabric. I will find out from the Karen herself.

Looking forward to giving this to you in October sis.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Christmas Elf Fairy

Here she is so far, am hoping to start on the Head and Wings today, also hoping to get the tree done too.
Karen hope you like hun, it will def be finished in time for when I come up in October. Gonna finish her off, and then I shall crack on with something else that needs to be finished.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Finally a Pompejian Garden Update

Here is an update on Pompejian Garden, I have started part 8 which is the bottom of Pomp, I have been enjoying this one for the last 2 days, just one more day to go, and I should have the whole of part 8 finished.
I will hopefully have another update for you real soon, maybe tomorrow or Thursday.

Starting on Thursday I shall be working on another cross stitch called Footprints for Marilyn, and I shall work on that for 3 days.

I decided this weekend that I am gonna try a 3 day rotation with 3 pieces that I have on the go. So here they are in order, once I have gone through the rotation, Iwill start again at the top. When one item is finished I will put something else in its place.

1. Work on Winter Beauty Princess
2. Work on Pompejian Garden
3. Work on Footprints

I just hope I can keep this up. Hopefully I can have more regular updates for you all. I also removed myself from facebook as I wasn't getting much done, and I really wanted to get cracking on with some serious stitching time. I will go back on eventually, but for the time being my stitching is gonna take priority as well as my family.

I have also missed updating my blog and going on groups, so I am here to stay for a long time lol.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Holiday Hammered Runner Up

I was a runner up in the Mama Dolly Competition, but did walk away with a runner up prize. Janlynn, who were giving away the main prize, gave the runners up a free Kit from their Free Clearance kits range, I chose Tropical Bellpull.

Here is a pic. I just love Birds.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

September Goals

Well to start with its, to finish off Winter Beauty Princess. And then the boys will pick the next one to crack on with. I have created a lucky dip system so they can take it in turns picking out which one I stitch next.

I am also going to try and set up a Rota again, it did work in the beginning for about 3 months, so I really need to get back to it once WBP is done. I sure hope I can get back to it.

Karen glad your back to stitching hun, looking forward to a piccy soon.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Here's the Next update

Here is my next update on WBP, she is stitching up a dream, I am doing a few hours here and there every day, and I am soooo still loving her.

Next update will be Friday. Watch this Space

I have ordered 2 pieces of Enchanted Fabrics for Fairy of Dreams, to see which one I like best, will do a floss toss when they arrive.

OMG Karen have you been stitching, if sooo wooohooooooooo keep going sis, I know you have missed it. Looking forward to piccies.

Thanks to everyone for their lovely comments, they are sure keeping me going.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

WBP Update

Here is another Update of WBP, this is a days work, am working on her in a week long SAL, we started on Friday and we finish on the 7th September, so I shall be working my socks off to try and get her close to being finished. I will show a full pic once she is finished.

I may have to buy some more threads but that is ok with me lol. I am loving the way, she is stitching up.

I ordered the new Passione Ricamo design called Fairy of Dreams - The Guardian, she is stunning and I can't wait to get her. I am going to order some fabric from Enchanted Fabrics for her too, so watch this space for a pic and floss toss.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Another HD

Here is the next finish. This is called Holiday Hammered, I stitched this piece for a competition on Facebook. We had to stitch a Dolly Mamas kit and here is what I chose to do.

I got this kit from my friend Jackie who lives down the road from me and, it was nice and quick to stitch up. It will be going back to her in the next couple of days.

This weekend is SAL weekend so I shall be back to Winter Beauty Princess, can't wait. I sure have missed stitching on her over the last week, with being on holiday.
We got back from Crieff hydro at about 11pm last night, after stopping at my Aunts for tea on the way down, we are all shattered, but looking forward to going out for a meal tonight.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Winter Beauty Princess Update

Here is another update on the lovely WBP, she is stitching up lovely. I worked on her hand this morning and will be tackling more of her real soon, I just have a round robin to finish first.

Yesterday I ended up frogging all the beads because when they were on there with cross stitches they looked straight but some of the bigger beads didn't sit right, so I set myself up to undo all the beads and rebead them with half stitches and they look sooooo much better lol. The pink ones were added late last night.

I noticed when I looked at the chart that there is no way she will be finished in time for going away, but I can try and get as much as I can done on her before we go to Scotland next Wednesday.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

New Start with a WIP

This chart is Rachel Anderson's Diamond Birthstone Fairy. I bought this chart when Michele from HAED had her birthday sale. There are 6 of them at the moment and I sure hope the other 4 will be released one day, as I just love them all, dunno where I will put them all when they are done, maybe they will come out for the month they for lol.

I really enjoyed stitching on her yesterday and today, as you can see I am working from the bottom up, and started with page 37. There are 42 pages and page 37 to 42 are only small sections, talk about chickening out of the big pages lol. I will be starting them shortly I guess lol. I have started the next page (38).

I am working on her in the mornings and afternoons until about 3pm or 4pm, then I am going back to Winter Beauty Princess for the rest of the day, she is coming on well and should be finished in a couple of weeks, if I can keep up on her. She is stitching up so beautifully, that I can't seem to put her down at the moment.

So I guess my plan is until these 2 that I am working on are finished, everything else goes away. The next piece once WBP is done will be to get Dad's Wolves out and finished. I know that Diamond will take some time as she is gonna be big, she will be 16 inches wide x 24 inches high, so she will def take a while for me, but I am gonna work on her as much as I can.

I will not be taking either of them with me on holiday, I'll only take small things so I shall be taking Tulip and SK Rose on Fire when we go away on the 19th August to Crieff Hydro again. The boys love that place so why change things whilst they still enjoy going there.

There is another birthday sale on the HAED site (until 8th Aug) as it is Bob's birthday (Micheles DH), so I guess I may be treating myself to a couple more lol. Oh dear these cahrts are lovely and I do sooo love them very much.

Thanks for all your comments from the previous WIPs, watch out on Friday for another WBP wip, she will be stitched on now and maybe for the day tomorrow, I shall see what screams at me the most in the morning lol.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

3 WIP's to show you

The first Wip is an update of Winter Beauty Princess, which I have soooo enjoyed stitching on over this last week, as it was SAL weekend whilst I was away I couldn't uploads pics, so here she is. Am gonna put her away til the next SAL session now.

This next one is a Freebie SAL on the HAED board called Rose on Fire, here is how far I have gotten on her so far, she has been put away for a week too as I have Autumn Watergarden to work on as we speak.

This last one is called Tulip, it will go with my Calla Lily that I stitched and finished last yr whilst I was in Scotland. I am hoping to take this one with me to finish is Scotland this yr and hopefully start Day Lily or Iris once its done. Not sure what else to take I normally take summat small and large, maybe Winter Beauty Princess as it will be SAL weekend whilst I am there I think lol.

Thanks for look and thanks for all your previous comments too, they really are appreciated.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Another HD

Here is my next HD, it's a San Man Origionals called Oh Happy Day, I used Carrie's Creations threads. It was so lovely to stitch up.

This was given to me in a freebie exchange a couple of yrs ago and I have finally gotten around to stitching it. I just love it, not sure what I am gonna do with it yet, maybe a needleroll or a wee cushion. Will let you know when I have decided.

Am now playing catch up on Autumn Water Garden.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Another HD, but a joint one

Here is another HD for the Year, a friends Daughter stitched it, and I have just done the back stitching for her, so it is a joint effort.

I have a favour to ask my blogging friends, does anyone have the chart for Eeyores Bounce by Designer Stitches (its an old one), I am trying to backstitch it and due to the state of the chart it is hard to work out where some of it goes. If anyone can help me out I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance. My friends daughter also stitched this one too, I am just finishing it off.

Hoping to get back to AWG II real soon.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

HD no 6 3 Cute Kittens

Ta da here are the kittens finished, they took me 6 days, and I am really pleased with them. The boys are really pleased too, they can't wait to give them to the teacher on Friday woohooo lol.

Just need to frame them now and hope that their teacher likes them.

Now onto the next project whilst I am still in stitching mode. I do have a round robin to do but I can't really post what it is due to the fact that it is a surprise for someone, but am waiting for the chart to turn up. Once it has gotten to the recipient I will post a pic then.

Then I shall crack on with Footprints and Autumn Watergarden II.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

3 Cute Kittens

I call it 3 Cute Kittens, but its actually called Three Cute Cats by DMC. I am loving stitching this one up at the moment. I have to get it done by Thursday at the latest next week.

So I had best get back to it otherwise their teacher won't get it when they leave her class on Friday for the last time.

My next pic will hopfully be either another WIP of this or it finished, then I have a Round Robin to do, haven't done one of them in yrs, am sooo gonna enjoy it thats for sure. The next one after that will be to crack on with Footprints and also play catch up on AWG.

Hope you like the new look, its actually the same colours that I have in my Guest Room here at home, very relaxing and calming. I sleep well in there sometimes lol.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Hiya Everyone

Things are on the mend just getting back into the flow of stitching, watch out for some updates coming real soon.

Thanks to those who left me some lovely messages.

Hugs xxxxxxx

Monday, 15 June 2009

Hi Folks & Apologies

sorry i haven't posted in a while, I have had a few things going on at home and I am gonna be hopefully posting some pics soon. I haven't really stitched properly for about 2 wks now, but am slowly getting back into it.

I would like to apologise for not leaving any messages on your blogs lately, I will be back in full flow very very soon.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Nicola's Needleroll HD

Here is my next HD. I finished this at 2:45pm today, and loved stitching it. I also did the cutting, which I was worried about, but I had a go and think it looks ok. I just didn't do the Dove eyes in the centre as I cannot do them. I did have a go, but failed, so undid them and decided to leave it.

All I have to do is make it into a needleroll, now what to stitch next. It will either be a HAED chart that I have on the go, or something else, not sure yet.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Page 1 QS Cirtine HD at last lol

Here is Page 1 of QS Citrine Freebie SAL at last, took me a while but I got there, now for the start of page 2 woohooooooo.
Onto Winter Beauty Princess on Monday.
Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Friends first ever Cross Stitch Happy Dance

Here is my friend Petra's first ever cross stitch, she finished it today about 30 mins ago. She really enjoyed stitching this one. It was a joint effort as I did some of the special stitches for her, but she did most of it.

It is off to the framers as we speak, ready for her sisters wedding day, on the 30th May.

Petra is gonna do another one, so we are gonna have a look for something, that only has cross stitches in it for her lol.

Thanks for looking.

Monday, 11 May 2009

HD No. 4 Noel Celebration

Well here is Noel after working on it in total for 5 days, not all at once mind, here it is finished, am Happy Dancing again woohoooooooooo.

I am going to start my Rota today, as last week was a wash out, oh well never mind. QS Citrine is out, ready for the off, Page 1 is very close to being finshed. I have page 2 to do next, and page 3 was released last week. So I had best get my skates on lol.

Thanks for looking.