Friday, 9 January 2009

Freebie QS Citrine SAL

This is what I am working on this weekend. It is called QS Citrine, and it is a freebie sal on the HAED board. I started last night and did about 300 stitches so far. There are 6 pages to this too.

I started on it again this morning and have one about 400 stitches so far. There are roughly about 8,000 stitches to be done on page 1 and I am hoping that at least half of this will be done by Monday evening (keeping my fingers crossed lol).

I have to stitch the background on this too as well as the hand and butter fly. This freebie is NOT available for download on any site, and therefore I cannot add a link to it. This Freebie is a HAED freebie and you have to be a member of the HAED Board, and would have had to sign up for it. The sign up date has been and gone and therefore if you didn't sign up for it, you cannot access the chart as it is sent in monthly parts.

Please DO NOT ask me for the Chart either as I cannot release it to anybody
Thanks for looking


Little Cat said...

That's very pretty. Do you stitch all that background or just the arm and butterfly?

Alanda Jacobs said...

It's a freebie? Do you have the address to where I can find it?

Sam said...

Looking forward to seeing your progress on this one Kathy :o)

Karen said...

Very pretty. Late last summer, I was banned from the HAED BB simply because I belonged on another BB -- I had not done or said anything that would warrant the banning. So, it is interesting to see this. Can't wait to see your WIPs.

Hazel said...

It is a pretty one. Now don't go tempting me with HAEDs lol. xx

Doris said...

lovely choice, i have in waiting a bookmark of HEAD named courage,is a dragon, but ,,i must to finish a lanarte for my mother first..