Sunday, 18 January 2009

Pomp Part 4 & Visiting Karen

Here is Part 4 of Pompejian Garden, I still have 3 more do but I decided yesterday that I shall finish this section off before tackling the other 3 sides.

I am going to start part 5 of this, and will try and post a pic before going onto Part 8. Part 8 the is this piece with extra bits on it as it is the bottom section, so this pic should be upside down lol.

Yesterday I visited Karen, we had a great time. Thanks for having us hun, it was great to see you and Riley. My 2 entertained Riley for a wee while, then he went for a nap so we managed to get a couple of hours stitching in together, whilst my two played games lol. Riley was then woken up and had another hour or more to play with Guy & Mark and when we left, he decided we were not allowed to go. He decided to sit in front of the door and shut the curtain so that we couldn't go out lol. He is such a sweetie. Thanks again hun, see you in 4 wks time.


Sam said...

PG looks amazing Kathy - there's so much detail in the part you've already done! Must dig out Taj sometime... Sounds as if you all had a great time with Karen too :o)

Andie said...

Pomp is going to be fabulous! Lucky you getting to visit Karen and Riley! Bet you had a ball!!

Little Cat said...

Hiya hun. Pomp looks great in the photo but sooo much prettier in real life. I didn't realise until I saw it IRL just how much detail there is in it.

It was good to see you yesterday. Riley has a brilliant time playing with the boys. He was too hyper to sleep at bedtime and mummy had to read him FIVE stories to get him to go to sleep lol.

Also, I think you gave me the bug back. The stitching bug that is. I've been at Spring Ride today and will be doing a bit more on her when I log off this puter.

See you very soon.

Sally said...

Wow that is looking gorgeous Kathy!

Doris said...

wow!!! the PG look so beutiful!and is a great work.