Thursday, 26 March 2009

Autumn Water Garden II Part 3

Hurray finally here is part 3 at last. I finished it last night, it took a while, but here it is.

Part 4 was released a week early, so as soon as the kids were taken to school, I sat and got cracking. I also extended a bracelet and necklace for a friend. I have done one side of part 4 already today and hoping to get another side done tonight, fingers crossed it will be finished by tomorrow night.

Am loving stitching this one, I just hope that I have this same mojo to stitch the other 5 up, as I would love to get on with them too.

Off to crack on with Part 4 then it's on with Dads pressie. Piccy to come tomorrow.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Nuneaton Meet Up

Here are some pics that I took from nuneaton. We all had a fantastic time and we just loved the whole day and weekend.

I want to say a very big thank you to Clare arranging the whole day, a great job done as always hun. The first Picture is of Keely (Jacqui's Grandaughter), with Angie's Grandson Kylan. They were sooo cute together.

The next pic is of Jacqui, Donna, Angie, Hannah & Hazel.

This next pic is a group pic, lets see if I can remember who they all are lol. Ok Starting from the left and going round to the right. Hazel, Michelle, Lynn, Maggie, Jayne (Jayne's Attic), Vicki (India Grace Designs), Jane, Ursh, Lynn B, Roasanne, Maureen (I think) and Chris.

This last pic is of Clare and her daughter Phillippa who is holding Keely who was fast Asleep.

I had a great weekend, and had loads of fun with Jacqui and baby Keely, who was a godsend and slept well Sat night. She slept on me until 2:30am and then I put her in her cot, she then stirred and slept til about 6 ish, then she came back into bed with me and slept through til about 7, and she didn't have a feed until Jacqui woke up. She went through the night without a bottle, which was fantastic.

It was great meeting everyone again and lovely to meet Hazel, Michelle, Kate, Maureen, Chris, Vicki & Donna.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

HD no 2 and pic of firsdt HD

Here is HD no 2, it is called "Never underestimate the Power of a Nap". I Finished this one yesterday at the Nuneaton meet up, and he is soooo cute. Donna thanks for letting me finish him for you, I really enjoyed stitching on him, he is adorable. I have been asked by a couple fo people to stitch it for them too now, so guess I am gonna be busy over the next few months lol.

This is Halloween Fairy by Mirabillia. I finished her on Wednesday evening, for Jacqui, it is now framed and has arrived at her new home. She was stitched on 28 Ct Monaco, Witches brew, by Enchanted Fabrics.

I will be stitching her again for myself but first I must, must, must, get some WIPs finished.

Will post some pics of Nuneaton tomorrow. I had an ace time seeing old faces and meeting and making new friends. I am looking forward to the next one already lol.

I am currently working on Part 3 of Autumn Water Garden, so fingers crossed I will have a pic of that finished for you by Tuesday. After that I have to make a start, and concentrate on my Dads 65th Birthday Present, called The Guardian, another Dimensions Gold Kit, oh boy why do I do this to myself lol.

Apologies for not blogging here for a wee bit and also for not posting on your blogs, am back now with a vengence hurray.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

First HD of 2009 Woohooo

Today I had my first HD of 2009, but I cannot show you a picture until Sunday evening after I get back from nuneaton. I can't even name the piece as Jacqui who I stitched it for reads my blog.

So watch this space, there will be a pic coming on Sunday.

This weekend is Nuneaton Weekend, I am sooo looking forward to seeing my stitchy friends again and also looking forward to having a weekend away without kids and hubby. It will be lovely not having to worry about what I shall be cooking or what needs to cleaned or washed lol.

There is another HD coming in the next couple of days too called Power Nap, that I am finishing off for Donna, and I have to get it done by Thursday night, so will have a pic def of that for you soon.

sos for not posting pics in ages, just not ben able too.