Tuesday, 10 March 2009

First HD of 2009 Woohooo

Today I had my first HD of 2009, but I cannot show you a picture until Sunday evening after I get back from nuneaton. I can't even name the piece as Jacqui who I stitched it for reads my blog.

So watch this space, there will be a pic coming on Sunday.

This weekend is Nuneaton Weekend, I am sooo looking forward to seeing my stitchy friends again and also looking forward to having a weekend away without kids and hubby. It will be lovely not having to worry about what I shall be cooking or what needs to cleaned or washed lol.

There is another HD coming in the next couple of days too called Power Nap, that I am finishing off for Donna, and I have to get it done by Thursday night, so will have a pic def of that for you soon.

sos for not posting pics in ages, just not ben able too.


Jacqui said...

Ah cack, thought you might have put a piccie. SIGH!!!

Lynn B said...

Kathy I can't wait to see the picture!