Thursday, 19 March 2009

Nuneaton Meet Up

Here are some pics that I took from nuneaton. We all had a fantastic time and we just loved the whole day and weekend.

I want to say a very big thank you to Clare arranging the whole day, a great job done as always hun. The first Picture is of Keely (Jacqui's Grandaughter), with Angie's Grandson Kylan. They were sooo cute together.

The next pic is of Jacqui, Donna, Angie, Hannah & Hazel.

This next pic is a group pic, lets see if I can remember who they all are lol. Ok Starting from the left and going round to the right. Hazel, Michelle, Lynn, Maggie, Jayne (Jayne's Attic), Vicki (India Grace Designs), Jane, Ursh, Lynn B, Roasanne, Maureen (I think) and Chris.

This last pic is of Clare and her daughter Phillippa who is holding Keely who was fast Asleep.

I had a great weekend, and had loads of fun with Jacqui and baby Keely, who was a godsend and slept well Sat night. She slept on me until 2:30am and then I put her in her cot, she then stirred and slept til about 6 ish, then she came back into bed with me and slept through til about 7, and she didn't have a feed until Jacqui woke up. She went through the night without a bottle, which was fantastic.

It was great meeting everyone again and lovely to meet Hazel, Michelle, Kate, Maureen, Chris, Vicki & Donna.


Lynn B said...

Kathy mmmm very interesting post but I am confused!!!!!!!!! You have put that Lynn B is in the picture but I wasn't there unless there is another Lynn B! I have given you an award from my blog and you said it was nice meeting me but I wasn't there?
Just thought I would clear up any confusion! LOL!

Jacqui said...

Me 'n' Keely had a great weekend. It was great seeing everyone again, specially my lovely sis.

Carla said...

Looks like you had a great time :)
Congrats on your first two finishes of 2009, they are both beautiful!

Hazel said...

Awww it was fab an I loved meeting everyone and got my mojo working again lol! Will def do it again. xx

Always smiling said...

Hi Kathy

Lovely meeting you and like Hazel I got my mojo back and you inspired
me, so I have bought a Chatelaine design... when I have copied it to A3 I can start, at the moment it would give me squinty eyes!
Also got to order the floss.

Hope to meet up again some time