Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Old Stone Church WIP

Here is my friend Petra's stitching, she has been doing a fantastic job of it too. I have done the satin stitches around the church window and outside of the church. I also did the daisies and hedge for her, as she wasn't sure about them lol.

All that is left to do now is the trees which she is gonna attempt and the backstitching, and then the wording for it.

She has enjoyed this, but will be doing a more basic one the next time lol.

I am now working on Part 5 of Autumn Water Garden will post a pic when its finished, and next week the rota shall begin.

Monday, 27 April 2009

The Guardian Update

Here is what my Dad's present now looks like. I came to a decision today that this will now have to be for Christmas, as I do not want to get stressed out and put myself under pressure to get it finished in 3 wks time. It was a hard decision to make, but I think it is for the best at the end of the day.

I want to relax and enjoy my stitching, not be put off by it. This week I am going to start a Rota for 4 wks, so I stitch on 4 things and once one thing is finished, I can add something else in its place, so that my Wips get reduced from 17 to 0 lol.

I had a great trip to see Karen & Riley, she loved her Peachy Biscornu, my next thing for her will be a needleroll, so gonna try and find some charts, that I know she will like and stitch one up for when I go for my next weekend visit.

Whilst I was there she showed me her WIPs that she had, and I have bought home a couple to finish off for her, one is Christmas Elf Fairy, which I did a bit of stitching on whilst I was up there. The next one is an Anchor design called Cliff Top Poppies, and I said I would bring them both home and get them done for her. Christmas Elf Fairy will be added to the Rota this time around and then I will add the Poppies another time.

Ok for my rota here are the 4 things that I will be working on:

Week 1: HAED Citrine
Week 2: Winter Beauty Princess
Week 3: Christmas Elf Fairy
Week 4: The Guardian

Well back to stitching, not sure what I shall stitch this week, the Rota will def commence next week, so I must make sure that Citrine is ready Sunday night, for the off on Monday.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Peachy Biscornu by Carol Tinson HD & 2 New Purchases

Here is my Next HD, its called Peachy Biscornu and I finished it last night, it is going to Stockport with me today, as it is for Karen.

The back was finished last night. I was up til 12:30am and now I am wide awake and ready to go up to see my very good friend and sis Karen.

These two charts are by a Designer called Dark Side of The Moon, and I have purchased them both along with the beads and kreinicks. The designer of these lovely designs is our very own Gill whose blog is Chewed Away.

I ordered these both from the States, I will have to wait a couple of weeks, but just couldn't wait to order them. Hurry up Postie I want them NOW lol.

Back to Dad's Wolves this weekend really need to make a dent in them.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Fabrics, Kits, Charts & Books for Sale

All Fabric Sold

Cross Stitch Kits

Christmas Welcome Door - £4.50
Country Companions – Wishing on A Star - £4.50
Suzy Zoo – In the Meadow – No fabric - £3.50
DMC – Three Cut Cats - £5
DMC – Medici Archive – Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn (no fabric in Autumn) - £15 (For all 4 kits)
DMC - Border Collie Puppy £4
Michael Powell – Mini Christmas Window 2 - £7.50
Beatrix Potter Alphabet – Chart and Threads only - £4
Thomas Kinkade – Beacon of Hope - £8
DMC Mini Kit, The Snow Man - £5
The Craft Collection – Set of 4 Ornaments(has evenweave in not Aida) - £3
Prelude – Birth Sampler - £3.50
Weekenders – A Little Greenery - £3.50
DMC Medici Archive – Poppies - £5
Suzy Zoo – All Aboard (No fabric) - £3
Suzy Zoo – Playtime - £5

Cross Stitch Charts/Books/Booklets

Margaret Sherry – Knit One - £1.50
Something on Common – It Takes Patience - £2
The Drawn Thread – Christmas Stitches - £4.50
Beatrix Potter, Birth Sampler JC204 - £3
Angel of Healing – L&L - £3
Country Fair – L&L - £3
Dimensions – Peaceful Retreat - £2
Beatrix Potter –Christmas Tree - £1
Sharon Welch’s Cross Stitch Cards - £5
Cross My Heart, INC - Little Victorian Houses - £1.50
Cross My Heart INC – Flowers of the Month - £1.50
Fingertip Fun – Fun for the Kitchen - £1.50
DMC - AOY Zodiac - £2
Winnie The Pooh Months of the Yr – £2.50
DMC – Country Companions – Christmas - £2
Amy J Wulfing – Mouse-L-Toe - £1
Cross My Heart, INC – Dragon Faire - £1.50
Stoney Creek – Golden Threads - £1.50
Better Homes & Gardens – A Cross Stitch Christmas - £3.50
Beatrix Potter - The Tailor of Gloucester - £1.50
Beatrix Potter – The Tale of Two Bad Mice - £1.50
Dale Burdett – 23 Wannabee Bears - £2.50
Linda Gillum – Santa’s Helpers Book 3 - £2
Dimensions – As Seasons Change - £1
American School of Needlework (Sam Hawkins) – 50 Santas to Cross stitch - £2
American School of Needlework (linda Gillum) – 50 Christmas Bears - £2
American School of Needlework (linda Gillum) – 50 Snowmen - £2
Just Fingers – 10 Borders for the Bathroom - £1.50
Dale Burdetts A Teddy Bear’s “12 Days of Christmas” - £2
HAED – QS Snowflake Chart - £4
HAED – QS Free Flight Chart - £4
HAED – QS Mermaid Chart - £4
Parlor Crafts – House design by Mary Jan – £2
Kustom Krafts Inc – King of the Hill - £7 (paid £10)
Cinnamon Cat – Let it Snow -£4.50
Mayberry Designs – Brrrrr.... - £2
Lanarte – Spring Ride -£3
DMC – Christmas Keepsakes - £3
Silver Lining – “50th Anniversary” - £3.50

Craft Pens - by SugarLoaf Products - has whisper (brush end) and Stroke (small knib end) - £25

Will add £1 for postage will accept paypal.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Winter Beauty Princess Update

It was Easter SAL weekend, so I worked on Winter Beauty Princess, which worked out really well as my parents came. She is still screaming at me to stitch on her but she will have to wait til later on now.

I was supposed to be working on The Guardian, but as Dad was here I couldn't so I got out WBP. I shall still work on her in the evenings, as I find white and creams on white very hard ot work on at night, on dad's piece.
Will update with The Guardian very soon. I have also been very good and NOT started any of my new HAED charts even tho they are screaming at me lol.

Thanks for Looking.

Monday, 6 April 2009

HAED Easter Sale

Ok today I had an Email to say that HAED, were having an Easter Sale up until the 14th April, so I just couldn't resist it. Here are the 4 that I treated myself too.

The first one is called The Final Few, and has my absolutely Favourite Animals - Pandas on it.

This next one is called Cascade, I just love the way her dress flows into the waterfall.

This next one is called Beckon, I just love the colours in this, I think it is stunning well I think they are all stunning.

This last one is called QS Star of Christmas Fairy. I don't think I'll be starting them anytime soon, cos I am positive that my lovely friends and family would tell me off big time for having another new start rofl.

Mmmmmmm tempting lol but gonna try and be good, as I have 4 HAEDS on the go already uh oh lol.

Friday, 3 April 2009

AWG Part 4 & First WIP of The Guardian

Here is Part 4 of AWG which I finished this afternoon, just before picking up the kids from School. I haven't done the beading yet, as I want to do that later on, I may try and do it once I have a couple of other things stitched up and finished.

This next pic is of The Guardian by Dimensions Gold (my fourth kit fo theirs, I sure must be mad lol, they don't half drive me mad lol). I have now put this on my frame and gonna concentrate on it for the next few weeks, as it has to be finished by 19th May in time for his 65th birthday. So I shall tackle it with a vengence this week until Thursday, and then I shall have to put it away for a few days, as my parents are coming for Easter.

Whilst it is away I shall crack on with WBP (Winter Beauty Princess).

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

My Gorgeous PIF from Clare & a Gold Finch

Here is my gorgeous Pin Keep from Clare, thanks hun, I love it and it has pride of place on my sideboard. It is from when I signed up for a PIF last yr. I did offer this on my blog but only had one taker and she will get something in the next couple of months.

This next pic is of my first Gold Finch in my Garden since I got this Bird Feeder for my birthday back in February. I have also had Robins, Song Thrushes, Wood Pidgeons, Magpies, Blue Tits, Coal Tits & Blackbirds in my Garden too. It has taken a while for them to start arriving, but am chuffed to bits that they are now coming in regularly. I also have had Sparrows coming in too.

I am hoping to have a pic of Part 4 of AWG coming soon, its has been a hectic week so haven't had much chance to get cracking on with it, but it is nearly done, I only ahve 2 more corners to go, the sides and 2 corners have been done, so watch this space hopefully by tomorrow the other 2 corners will be done woohooo.

Once that has been finished I shall show you a WIP of my Dad's 65th Birthday pressie. It is called the guardian by Dimensions Gold (Oh boy I must be mad stithcing these ones up rofl).