Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Old Stone Church WIP

Here is my friend Petra's stitching, she has been doing a fantastic job of it too. I have done the satin stitches around the church window and outside of the church. I also did the daisies and hedge for her, as she wasn't sure about them lol.

All that is left to do now is the trees which she is gonna attempt and the backstitching, and then the wording for it.

She has enjoyed this, but will be doing a more basic one the next time lol.

I am now working on Part 5 of Autumn Water Garden will post a pic when its finished, and next week the rota shall begin.


RuthB said...

OOo, tell Petra she's making me want to haul my copy of this pattern out and start. Baaad influence! Bad influence!

Congrats on all your lovely stitching.

dianemi said...

What a wonderful job Petra's doing, Kathy. Thanks for sharing the pic with us and I love the specialty stitches in this pattern.

lissylaine said...

Very pretty! I've not seen that Elizabeth's Designs design before, I really like it!