Friday, 15 May 2009

Page 1 QS Cirtine HD at last lol

Here is Page 1 of QS Citrine Freebie SAL at last, took me a while but I got there, now for the start of page 2 woohooooooo.
Onto Winter Beauty Princess on Monday.
Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Friends first ever Cross Stitch Happy Dance

Here is my friend Petra's first ever cross stitch, she finished it today about 30 mins ago. She really enjoyed stitching this one. It was a joint effort as I did some of the special stitches for her, but she did most of it.

It is off to the framers as we speak, ready for her sisters wedding day, on the 30th May.

Petra is gonna do another one, so we are gonna have a look for something, that only has cross stitches in it for her lol.

Thanks for looking.

Monday, 11 May 2009

HD No. 4 Noel Celebration

Well here is Noel after working on it in total for 5 days, not all at once mind, here it is finished, am Happy Dancing again woohoooooooooo.

I am going to start my Rota today, as last week was a wash out, oh well never mind. QS Citrine is out, ready for the off, Page 1 is very close to being finshed. I have page 2 to do next, and page 3 was released last week. So I had best get my skates on lol.

Thanks for looking.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Noel Celebration WIP

Here is Noel Celebration, as it was free stitching week for me, before my Rota started, I picked this up and have worked on it solidly for 2 days.

I am still gonna work on this one, in the evenings as HAEDs are hard to work on at night here, so hopefully this one will be finished by the end of the week. I am also hoping to get page 1 of QS Citrine finished this week, there isn't much of it left to do, then I can start to tackle page 2, as it has a butterfly on it. I cannot wait to see this one completed.

QS Citrine is on a hoop and ready for the off, so today is stitchy day for me, and I will post a pic of page 1, as soon as I have it finished.

Thanks for all your lovely comments, I really appreciate them, and it encourages me to get things finished. Sorry if I don't post on your blogs too often, but I do read them, and normal service will resume shortly, now that I am no longer under pressure, of having to get my Dad's present done for 19th of this month (now getting it at Christmas).