Saturday, 11 July 2009

3 Cute Kittens

I call it 3 Cute Kittens, but its actually called Three Cute Cats by DMC. I am loving stitching this one up at the moment. I have to get it done by Thursday at the latest next week.

So I had best get back to it otherwise their teacher won't get it when they leave her class on Friday for the last time.

My next pic will hopfully be either another WIP of this or it finished, then I have a Round Robin to do, haven't done one of them in yrs, am sooo gonna enjoy it thats for sure. The next one after that will be to crack on with Footprints and also play catch up on AWG.

Hope you like the new look, its actually the same colours that I have in my Guest Room here at home, very relaxing and calming. I sleep well in there sometimes lol.


Clare - Aimetu said...

Love the cats - looking forward to seeing it grow. The new design is great :)

Katya5 said...

Looks very nice. It would be nice to see the picture when it's complete.
I actually have a cat, and whenever I sit down to stitch, she always tries to sit herself down on top of the pattern. It's like she's saying, "Don't look at your stitching, look at me!" Jealous brat...
Thank you for sharing, can't wait to see it complete.

Katya5 said...

Hello, Kathy,
I wanted to ask who - or what company - designed the "Water Garden" and "St. Petersburg" series. I am definitely adding them to my wish list.
I bet you "kittens" are almost complete.
Thank you so much,

Little Cat said...

Great new look! Love the kittens, they sure are cute. You'd better start those needles smoking if you want it done that fast!!!

Sally said...

Those kittens are so cute kathy!

Carla said...

the kittens are coming along great!