Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Winter Beauty Princess Update

Here is another update on the lovely WBP, she is stitching up lovely. I worked on her hand this morning and will be tackling more of her real soon, I just have a round robin to finish first.

Yesterday I ended up frogging all the beads because when they were on there with cross stitches they looked straight but some of the bigger beads didn't sit right, so I set myself up to undo all the beads and rebead them with half stitches and they look sooooo much better lol. The pink ones were added late last night.

I noticed when I looked at the chart that there is no way she will be finished in time for going away, but I can try and get as much as I can done on her before we go to Scotland next Wednesday.


MrsB said...

She's looking wonderful, Kathy!

Have a good time in Scotland.

Aussie Stitcher said...

She is looking beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more of your new HAED.

Andie said...

Shes so gorgeous! I love her!! Have a great holiday!!

Chiloe said...

She's gorgous !!! I love your fabric: which one did you choose?

Deanne J said...

She looks lovely