Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Another HD

Here is my next Happy Dance. I stitched this bib for a friend ion America who is expecting baby girl. Took me a day in total stitch. Now to get it in the post.Just gotta decide on what to stitch now lol.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Christmas Elf Fairy no 2

Here she all finished. Karen thanks for letting me stitch this one for you. I enjoyed stitching her for myself 3 yrs ago and to stitch it again, was great fun. I love her, and Mirabilia Designs.

She took 4 days in total, and I did have a couple of days inbetween to have a rest with not been feeling to great, but here she is. The fabric is from a company called Sparklies, she was stitched on Aida but I don't have the name of the fabric. I will find out from the Karen herself.

Looking forward to giving this to you in October sis.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Christmas Elf Fairy

Here she is so far, am hoping to start on the Head and Wings today, also hoping to get the tree done too.
Karen hope you like hun, it will def be finished in time for when I come up in October. Gonna finish her off, and then I shall crack on with something else that needs to be finished.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Finally a Pompejian Garden Update

Here is an update on Pompejian Garden, I have started part 8 which is the bottom of Pomp, I have been enjoying this one for the last 2 days, just one more day to go, and I should have the whole of part 8 finished.
I will hopefully have another update for you real soon, maybe tomorrow or Thursday.

Starting on Thursday I shall be working on another cross stitch called Footprints for Marilyn, and I shall work on that for 3 days.

I decided this weekend that I am gonna try a 3 day rotation with 3 pieces that I have on the go. So here they are in order, once I have gone through the rotation, Iwill start again at the top. When one item is finished I will put something else in its place.

1. Work on Winter Beauty Princess
2. Work on Pompejian Garden
3. Work on Footprints

I just hope I can keep this up. Hopefully I can have more regular updates for you all. I also removed myself from facebook as I wasn't getting much done, and I really wanted to get cracking on with some serious stitching time. I will go back on eventually, but for the time being my stitching is gonna take priority as well as my family.

I have also missed updating my blog and going on groups, so I am here to stay for a long time lol.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Holiday Hammered Runner Up

I was a runner up in the Mama Dolly Competition, but did walk away with a runner up prize. Janlynn, who were giving away the main prize, gave the runners up a free Kit from their Free Clearance kits range, I chose Tropical Bellpull.

Here is a pic. I just love Birds.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

September Goals

Well to start with its, to finish off Winter Beauty Princess. And then the boys will pick the next one to crack on with. I have created a lucky dip system so they can take it in turns picking out which one I stitch next.

I am also going to try and set up a Rota again, it did work in the beginning for about 3 months, so I really need to get back to it once WBP is done. I sure hope I can get back to it.

Karen glad your back to stitching hun, looking forward to a piccy soon.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Here's the Next update

Here is my next update on WBP, she is stitching up a dream, I am doing a few hours here and there every day, and I am soooo still loving her.

Next update will be Friday. Watch this Space

I have ordered 2 pieces of Enchanted Fabrics for Fairy of Dreams, to see which one I like best, will do a floss toss when they arrive.

OMG Karen have you been stitching, if sooo wooohooooooooo keep going sis, I know you have missed it. Looking forward to piccies.

Thanks to everyone for their lovely comments, they are sure keeping me going.