Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Finally a Pompejian Garden Update

Here is an update on Pompejian Garden, I have started part 8 which is the bottom of Pomp, I have been enjoying this one for the last 2 days, just one more day to go, and I should have the whole of part 8 finished.
I will hopefully have another update for you real soon, maybe tomorrow or Thursday.

Starting on Thursday I shall be working on another cross stitch called Footprints for Marilyn, and I shall work on that for 3 days.

I decided this weekend that I am gonna try a 3 day rotation with 3 pieces that I have on the go. So here they are in order, once I have gone through the rotation, Iwill start again at the top. When one item is finished I will put something else in its place.

1. Work on Winter Beauty Princess
2. Work on Pompejian Garden
3. Work on Footprints

I just hope I can keep this up. Hopefully I can have more regular updates for you all. I also removed myself from facebook as I wasn't getting much done, and I really wanted to get cracking on with some serious stitching time. I will go back on eventually, but for the time being my stitching is gonna take priority as well as my family.

I have also missed updating my blog and going on groups, so I am here to stay for a long time lol.


Andie said...

Gorgeous! Good luck with your rotation, if it doesn't work you can always change it or go back to your previous plan :D

TammyK said...

That's gorgeous :-) Wonderful stitching job!

Ineke said...

Beautiful! So many details show up when I enlarge the pic.

Anna M said...

That is gorgeous, the detail is amazing.

Etha said...

Oh this is gorgeous!! the two little birds up top are just too cute :)
A three day rotation sounds great, I will keep that in mind for the future. I think one day is too short and a week is too long, so 3 days may just be the ticket for success!
Funny that you mention facebook, I have never been on there but read just this week of several people leaving, hmmm...

Katya5 said...

Beautiful work, Kathy. Soo much detail and so precise, neat and even... I am amazed. Gorgeous.
Good luck with the three-day rotation plan. Let us all know how it works out.
I myself used to be on Facebook and Myspace, but I cancelled them all - too much upkeep and not enough response.
Have a good time stitching.

MarchAnn58 said...

Oh my goodness this is sooooooo beautiful and you are doing a verrry good job.