Tuesday, 24 November 2009

4 WIP Updates

Here is the first one, which is Winter Beauty Princess, have gotten back into her, I noticed that I had missed a couple of stitches further up, but will go back and add them later.
This next one is called Tulip by John Clayton from the Connections Series. Can't decide on which one to do next once this one is finished, have Day Lily and Iris to do next.
This is my next small Mira start called Miss Valentine, not done much on her as you can see lol. Will do Bluebell next.
And last but not least here is Celtic Summer, I am loving her, will be getting back to my Monday SAL with her very soon, now that the mojo is back I can get her finished too. Once she is done, I may start Spring.

I have loved stitching all of these, but only just start picking it all up again. Hoping to keep up with posting pics at least once or twice a week now. Well will try lol. Thanks for looking and thanks for all you previous lovely comments, they are very much appreciated xxxx

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Pressie for a friends Daughter

I made these this morning, for a friends daughter who turns 11 today. I hope she likes them, will keep you posted. She was very excited, at the fact I was making something for her lol.

Will have an update of Celtic Summer and Winter Beauty Princess soon.


Sunday, 1 November 2009

Magnolia HD

Here she is, I finished her whilst visiting Karen on Friday 30th October woohooooo, she was lovely to stitch up and have now put her away to decide what I am gonna do with her and all the others I want to do.

Karen Thanks for having us, we had a lovely time, and was glad to get you stitching he he. Looking forward to seeing a piccy real soon. Jaclyn thanks for letting us visit you today, had a lovely afternoon.

I started Miss Valentine yesterday at Karens, and then did some more on her staying in the hotel for the night last night, as I wasn't gonna take everything into the room for 1 night, I didn't see the point really. Yesterday and today also I worked on Celtic Summer, I will post a piccy tomorrow afternoon. I am working on the top section above CS head and that section is almost finished, am hoping to get the beading done on that area tomorrow once the stitching is done.

Back to my Rotas starting tomorrow too.
Monday's - Celtic Summer SAL
Tues - Fri - Winter Beauty Princess
Fri evening to Sunday other SALs I am in.

Once WBP is done I shall concentrate on Pompeji well will see if this works first lol.
Thanks for looking