Tuesday, 24 November 2009

4 WIP Updates

Here is the first one, which is Winter Beauty Princess, have gotten back into her, I noticed that I had missed a couple of stitches further up, but will go back and add them later.
This next one is called Tulip by John Clayton from the Connections Series. Can't decide on which one to do next once this one is finished, have Day Lily and Iris to do next.
This is my next small Mira start called Miss Valentine, not done much on her as you can see lol. Will do Bluebell next.
And last but not least here is Celtic Summer, I am loving her, will be getting back to my Monday SAL with her very soon, now that the mojo is back I can get her finished too. Once she is done, I may start Spring.

I have loved stitching all of these, but only just start picking it all up again. Hoping to keep up with posting pics at least once or twice a week now. Well will try lol. Thanks for looking and thanks for all you previous lovely comments, they are very much appreciated xxxx


Christine said...

All your Wips look great

Lesleyanne said...

They're all looking great. Looking forward to seeing them progress. Glad you have your mojo back.

Ineke said...

They all look great! I am looking forward to see the progress.

Andrea said...

Looking good! Hope to see more progress over the coming months. :)

Always smiling said...

Love all your stitching, I best get on and stitch my Summer one too, I have had the gold braid that I was waiting for so no excuses now.. will post a pic next monday on the blog.
Happy Stitching and blessings
Chris x

Karan said...

They all look fabulous. Glad the mojo is back. :0)

Amarins said...

What a beautiful embroideries. The patterns you've selected are exactly my taste. Very nice. I am looking forward to see the progress.

Dani - tkdchick said...

All your WIPs are beautiful! I love the John Clayton pieces!

Glad to hear you found your mojo!!!