Thursday, 3 December 2009

Day 3 and Celtci Summer Update

Here is Day 3 of my Advent, they are Holiday Sandwich Bags. They are soooo cute, they have Christmas patterns on them.
Here is Celtic Summer, I have almost finished the top section, and am hoping to get more done on her soon.

I have been teaching 10 girls, at my boys to school to Cross Stitch, it has been very popular and I have 14 next Term including one Boy already, this is going to be a regular thing, which is great. My friends Daughter who comes to see me once a week is loving it, she has been stitching a L*K design called Merry Chris-mouse, we are doing an SAL together. It is one from Tiny Tidings XI, there are 5 of them to do, and we are gonna do all 5 hehe, will take a pic of mine and hers together when I can.


Christine said...

Celtic Summer is looking great. How old are the children you are teaching? I've tried it with 10 year olds and its hard work

Deb said...

CS is looking great. And I can't think of anything better than teaching children crafts. I've taught both my kids quilting, crocheting, cross stitch and rug hooking. It's hard work sometimes, but my son was so proud of the scarf he did in U of M colors.

Chiloe said...

What a great thing to do to teach little ones ;-)

I love the Celtic !!!

Kathy said...

The kids I am teaching range from 6 to 11, and they are all loving it. They are glad its me and not someone else teaching them lol.

They are all girls and they are easy to control, cept for one of them lol. There is always one who seeks attention more than others.

Hugs xxxxx

Mel said...

Celtic Summer is looking lovely

Tracy said...

She is looking stunning Kathy, you must have great patience to teach that many children at once xx

Karan said...

Great progress on CS. Brave lady teaching all those children - it's great to know that these skills are being passed on to the young ones. Good Luck. :0)
Fun advent gifts. :0)