Thursday, 17 December 2009

Days 8 to 17 Advent

This is Day 8, a cute little Santa with Wreath
Day 9 I received these love foam Christmas Shapes

Day 10 I received this Chart & Charms Kits called Sew Cozy

Day 11 I got these lovely Christmas Tea Towels

Day 12, some lovely yummy smelly candles and pot to stick them in

Day 13, some gorgeous, Sassy's Fabric, called Colbalt, Sunflower and Cape Cod Blue

Day 14, a cure Snowman Stocking and 2010 Calendar

Day 15, this cute Snowman Handtowel and Red Mettalic Ribbon

Day 16, lovely recipe books, the kids are patiently waiting to cook from it already lol

Day 17, this lovely Snowman towel, not sure what it is used for, but when I know, I'll let you know hehe.

Stitching update coming soon hopefully, once the decorating has been done, not stitched except for teaching which I finished today. Back to teaching in January. Haven't really had a chance to get mine done since I got back from Stockport lol.

Karen thanks for having at the weekend, love being there and glad I could help with Tatty Teddy. Luvs ya sis, speak soon.


Sew Wilde said...

The towel you got for day 17 is usually used in the kitchen. It is usually attached to the handle on your stove, fridge or cabinet door and then you can wipe your hands on it. That is the way my mother and grandmother use them.


Kathy said...

Oh wow Julie thank you soo much for the info, I have never seen them before. I just love this cute penguin one.

Hugs xxxxxxx

Karan said...

Lovely batch of pressies. Looking forward to the stitchy update. :0)

Lynn B said...

Happy New Year Kathy!

Lynn B