Sunday, 21 February 2010

White Nights ins St Petersburg Part 4 completed

After having a lovely weekend of stitching with my good friend Karen, I finally finished Part 4 of St Petersburg. I have really enjoyed stitching on this piece and finished it about 11:30 last night. Part 5 will be stitched once Bluebell has been finished.
We had a lovely time at Karens, and are looking forward to her coming here in March for a few days. Thanks for having us hun, we all had a lovely time, and I know that Riley kept us all busy lol. The soup was lovely, and I shall def be making it again, Karen does have the receipe as do I so it you would like it, please let me know.

Monday, 15 February 2010

St Petersburg WIPs

Here is a bit of Part 4 of St Petersburgh, I still have 2 more lattice areas and 6 of the columns buildings to go, so hoping to have part 4 finished by the end of the week, woohoooo. Pic upside down sorry.
I am thoroughly enjoying this piece more than Pompeji, which I will finish one day lol.
AS for my goals this month they have been changed too.

Complete as many Parts, as I can on St Petersburg.
Finish BlueBell
Finish Thanks Giving Fairy
and Finish HO HO HO Lizzie Kate Christmas 08 kit (bedtime Stitching).

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Fairy Moon - by Mirabilia

I reiceved Fairy Moon in the post yesterday, can't wait to start her, but I must get some more WIPs reduced first.
Yesterday when I was visiting a friend in Bath I started on Thanksgiving Harvest Fairy, I will take a pic ready for tomorrow, along with updates on Bluebell and SK Enchanted Garden.

Thanksgiving Harvest Fairy, is my piece that I work on when I am not at home. She is looking fab already, will do some more on her today, whilst I am teaching stitching at lunchtime.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Bluebell WIP

Here is Bluebell, this is about 6 hours work, I have changed the Kreiniks to Petite Treasure Braid, but not too sure about the light purple in her, it seems a bit too light, but its was the closest to matching up I could get. I am not gonna frog and restitch it thats for sure. I am stitching her on 32ct Lugana, Gelati by SMF.

I am working on SK Enchanted Garden as it is HAED SAL week this week, but I shall be working on Bluebell in the evenings too. so I shall be busy. I am hoping to have Page 1 of this HAED sal finished this week.

TFL xxxxxx

Monday, 1 February 2010

February Goals

January Goals

Finish Tulip - Yes - 4th Jan
Finish Miss Valentine - Yes - 19th Jan
Start SK Feebie SAL - Yes
Work on Celtic Summer - Yes

Here are my Goals for February

Finish Celtic Summer
Finish Bluebell
Finish Petite Pine

Work on HAED SK Freebie SAL
Work on PR SAL