Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Diamond Birthstone Update

Here she is finally, as you can see I have started at the bottom, it's been a while since I showed you my first pic, so thought I would add it again, you can just make out Rachel Anderson's signature in this picture.
Here is my next page added, which I finished last night. I have been using a hoop for this, but I decided she needs to go on a scroll frame. Once that is done, I shall crack on with page 39. I am loving this one at the moment, and St Pete too.
I am hoping to update you with St Pete once I have finished the top section of Part 5, hopefully this week, I shall be alternating between these 2 pieces every couple of days, so this is day 2 for Diamond, and then back to St Pete for a couple of days, to see how things go.


Peg said...

The first to post, that doesn't happen very often :o). Your stitching is beautiful as ever. St Peter is looking great too, sadly I've gone off them at the moment and have been stitching other samplers and am at the moment stitching Celtic Noel again for myself this time. Looking forward to your updates.

Peg xx

Karan said...

Great progress there Kathy. Looking forward to seeing this develop. :0)

Sally said...

Wow that looks great Kathy. The colours are lovely in this piece.