Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Panda Socks

Today I had a lovely surprise in the post, these lovely cute Panda Socks. My lovely friend Karen, saw them and sent them too me. Thanks hun, I love them as you well know.

I just adore Pandas, so I shall enjoy wearing these for sure. I love surprises, thanks again hun. Hugs to you and Riley.


Here they are finally, I haven't stitched on thsi for a couple of weeks, so this week I am gonna make a concerted effort, as I have no kids til Thursday lol. I am joining in the May Serial Starters SAL on Facebook, so that I can aim to get these finished, but I shall not rush them. I will take my time as i totally mess up, the first time I stitched them and the fabby got torn and ended up throwing it away and starting again grrrrrrrrrr.
No as for my new job, I work at the local Golf Club near where I live, merchandising their stock, so that it starts to sell better. I also clean the owners house once a week, 4 hours, and its all done, including the ironing, I can't complain it's all spending money for me at the end of the day, and I am saving up for a rainy day with it, not sure what I will do on that rainy day lol.

Will try and update piccy next week.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Sorry Ladies

Hi Everyone

So sorry not been posting, just not had the chance to stitch on my stash for almost a month, been doing the odd stitches here and there, but with working now, I seem to be having less and less time working on it all.

I am hoping that once I get into a routine with work and home life I should be able to get back to it. I am also hoping to start learning to quilt as well. So hopefully I will be having more piccies for all to see, once again apologies.

Luvs and hugs to all my blogging friends around the world. xxxxxxxxx