Friday, 4 June 2010

Mermaids and Wedding Happiness WIPs

Here are my updates for the week. As you can see Mermaids is coming on in slow leaps and bounds lol. I am still loving stitching these 2 lovely ladies, but I am alternating them with a wedding sampler for a friend who is getting married in July. I shall be cracking on with Mermaids tonight.
This next piece is called Wedding Happiness, it's a couples hand with the name and date at the bottom, once I get there of course lol. This is the ladies hand, and a bit of the mans fingers. This piece is stitching up nice and quickly so I am hoping to have it finished by the middle of next week.

I do have 2 other pieces that are new and will have to be started soon. One is a Charlies Ark Birth sampler for my baby cousin once removed Tristan, who was 1 last month, so I would like to get it done this yr, and it will be a little late, but will start it once the other one I have has been started and finished.

The other piece is called, Heavy Eaters by Heritage, it has 3 Elephants on it. The boys school teacher is leaving at the end of term so that will be the next one to do after the wedding one is done. Good job these 2 pieces are small lol, or they would be late too


Julie said...

Mermaid looks wonderful.

Looking forward to seeing the wedding sampler, sounds beautiful, not sure i have seen this design before

Lesleyanne said...

Both your pieces are lovely. Can't wait to see the new two you have to start.

Amarins said...

This is wonderful, so lovely!

Katya5 said...

Glad to hear your stitching schedule is full. The mermaids and the sampler look very good. Hugs, :))

Little Cat said...

Your mermaids are coming along nicely. The look soo pretty. Can't quite see the hands yet but knowing you and the speed you stitch I'm sure it won't be long before we see the whole beautiful picture. Xxx

Christine said...

Great stitching, the mermaid looks lovely, and I'm interested to see how the wedding sampler comes out

Karan said...

Mermaids is looking good & I love sepia designs, so will enjoy seeing that develop too. :0)