Friday, 29 October 2010

Enchanted Fairy WIP

Here is my first Enchanted Fairy WIP for the Passione Ricamo SAL, on the PR board, I run this soo had to have a new start lol. I started with the wings at the top , mostly metallic thread, but I am loving her, just a shame I have to put her away until next month, as I have other wips that need to be finished before she is.

I am now back to my Mermaids, and will post a pic soon.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Another HD

Merry Chris-Mouse
From Tiny Tidings XI

Here is my next HD, I started stitching this one last Christmas, with a friends daughter and didn't get it finished, but last night I decided that it was soo small a piece to leave unfinished. There are 4 more to do from this set, I may do them all as I am working on small things in the evenings.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Mrs Cane, Mermaids of the Deep & St Petersburg

This first piccy is of Mrs Cane, settling into her new home. She arrived at Nuneaton on Saturday morning (thanks Julie) and arrived home with me yesterday. She will be dragging her cane out, every week, to make sure we are all getting on with our stitching lol !!! This where I got to with Mermaids of the Deep Blue back in June of this yr. They were restarted last yr sometime and not alot has been done. I have entered a contest on the Mirabilia Stitchers Board where we have to stitch on a Mirabilia starting on the 6th Oct until the 15th November. I didn't start stitching on them until Saturday as I was in the throws of finishing WBP.
Here is where I got up to as off last night, its not alot, but I am pleased with them so far. My goal for this contest is to finish the smaller of the 2 mermaids and then make a start on the larger one. I am hoping to reach to reach this goal and also hoping to have them finished by the end of November. On the Chatelaine Board there is a WIP Kill Contest, where you have to concentrate on one of your WIPs and aim to get it finished by the end of January 2011, so I chose White nights in St Petersburg for this one. I am going to try and stitch on this one in the evenings and then stitch on the Mermaids during the day.

I am under strict orders that I CAN NOT have a new start until I have had 2 more finishes lol, so I am gonna try my hardest to stick to it.

Last of all thank you for all your lovely compliments on Winter Beauty Princess, not sure what I shall do with her yet and when, but once I have made a decision I will let you know.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Woohoooooooooooo She is finished

Winter Beauty Princess
Passione Ricamo
Polstitches Stormy Skies Opalescent - 28ct

Hurray, here she is finally finished after 2 yrs of hard loving stitching labour lol. The last 3 wks have been hard going esp with all the white on her, but I am sooo pleased that she is finished. I started stitching her in October 2008, and I stopped in Nov 2009, so to get her finished in 3 wks is a major achievement for me.

Now it is the turn of Mermaids of the Deep Blue, but I am NOT going to stitch on them the same way I stitched on WBP, she had to be finished by today, but the rest will be done slowly but surely. Fingers crossed they will be finished this year lol. Thank goodness my mojo is finally back.

Tonight I shall be driving to Nuneaton for my kid and hubby free weekend, to visit all my lovely stitchy friends who come every year, twice a yr. I am really looking forward to getting there and seeing some of my friends tonight. Piccies of the day will be posted when I get back on Sunday.

Hugs and luv to you all, and also thank you soo much for all your lovely previous comments, they spurred me on to get WBP finished.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Last WBP Update

Here is prob the last update you will get from me on WBP, I am hoping to have her finished by Friday, there is still a bit to day, but I have 2 days of peace and quite to get her done, so fingers crossed everyone, that she will be finished by Friday.

I am hoping to take a pic and post it on here before I go to Nuneaton. I am looking forward to my weekend away. I was supposed to be stitching on Mermaids of the Deep Blue, this week as well for a Mirabilia contest, but just haven't had the time, but they are my next project to get done followed by St Petersburg.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Miss New Year's Fairy WIP

I know I know, I said I wouldn't have a new start, but I need something small to stitch at Julies house, when I visit her in Bath. So today I started Miss New Year's Fairy, here is todays start. The next pic will be on Monday. I don't take my big pieces, as its a nightmare to cart them about all the time, so back to WBP tonight.

Thanks for all your lovely previous comments on WBP, she is growing nicely, but slowly, got tons of beads to add, but this bottom section is stitching up a storm, altho I have had a couple of days away from her to give me a break.

I use my Lowery Stand for WBP, so she is better off staying home, so I can work away on her.

Monday, 4 October 2010

WBP Update

Here is my next installment of Winter Beauty Princess. As you can see I concentrated on the left side of her, where the branches are, they are now finished woohooo. I just need to tackle a bit more of her, before tackling the beads along the bottom of the dress. Still got a way to go to getting her finished, but it looks like she will def be done in time for Nuneaton woohooooooooooo lol .

Sunday, 3 October 2010

October Goals

Here are my goals for the month.

Finish Winter Beauty Princess
Work on Mermaids of the Deep Blue
Work on White Nights in St Petersburg

WBP piccy update coming tomorrow, I didn't work on her much on Friday and none at all on Sat with family being here, but I am back to her, and the bottom has been well and truely started. The Branches are annoying me a bit, but I will get them done lol. Its hard to see the PB10 on the fabric (Stormy Skies Opalescent) sometimes, but I will get there lol.