Wednesday, 3 November 2010

November Goals

Ok the goals in October went well

Finish Winter Beauty Princess - YES woohooo lol
Work on Mermaids of the Deep - Yes
Work on White Nights in St Petersburg- Yes

My Goals for November are:
Work on St Petey
Work on Mermaids of the Deep
Work on Enchanted Fairy for PR SAL
Work on a HAED SK at weekends

These are my only goals, am looking forward to slogging through them all


Hazel said...

You did really well last month Kathy! xx

Lesleyanne said...

Good luck with November goals. Look forward to seeing progress piccies.

Christine said...

Good luck with your goals

Karan said...

Good going with the goals last month... Good Luck for this. :0)

Julie said...

Hope you achieve everything you would like to this month

Always smiling said...

Well done on meeting your goals and that Winter Princess is absoluely beautiful.

Hope this month is as productive for you

Happy Stitching
Chris x