Thursday, 2 December 2010

Advent Day 2

Here is Day 2 of my Advent Exchanges. From Peg today I received this cute Holiday Flashing Christmas Necklace, roll on the holidays, I shall be wearing it, thanks Peg.
From Jacqui today I got this gorgeous Imperial Leather Bubble Bath. I love IL Bubble Bath it's one of my favs lol.
Gina to answer your question, as you can see we can put anything and everything from smellies, stitchy stash to choccie or biccies, mugs, scissors or what ever you want. For my boys I just did them one each, they haven't done me one, but I have put things in like Lego mini Figures, cars and sweets so far oh a couple of books.

I have set this up on the Stitch and Stash board that is run by Clare Hearnden, ready for next year so if your interested please let me know or I can set one up through the blogs for next year. These can also be done just between friends as well as board exchanges, it makes it more fun to open a pressie everyday rather than a choccie advent, altho I do love my choccie lol. I love Advent Exchanges.

Jacqui I will be posting part of yours Saturday, just got to get the others bits before posting.


Hazel said...

Lovely gifts! x

Lesleyanne said...

A lovely idea. You have some lovely gifts.

Lindylou said...

i would love to organise a advent exchange but never get the chance too ..