Sunday, 12 December 2010

Advent Day's 9, 10, 11 & 12

Here are the rest of this weeks lovely installsments of my Advent from Peg & Jacqui days 9 to 12. From Peg I received these lovely kits, can;t wait to get them stitched up, but they will have to wait a wee while lol.
On Day 10 from Peg I got this lovely note pad, it will def be put to good use, esp my shopping list, possible a stitchy shopping list rofl.
On Day 11 I received these gorgeous Hand-Dyed Threads, I love them Peg thank you sooo much. Especially the Blue one, as it is one of my fav shade of blue.
Today I received this gorgeous, glass piece with a shell in the middle, I think its a suncatcher, and it will have pride of place in my kitchen window as that is where we get the most sun, I love it Peg thank you sooo much for my pressies so far, you sure have spoilt me hun.
From Jacqui starting with Day 9, I received tis lovely piece of Fat Quater Fabby with Pints on it, I love it sis tankyou very much.
On Day 10 I received these lovely pink socks, they will def be keeping my feet warm in bed tonight, with no heating as our bioler is leaking. We think it's condensation, but I am worried as it is dripping onto cables.
On Day 11, I received these lovely charts by, Lizzie Kate, Bird in the Hand and Sweetheart Tree, thanks sis you sure spoilt me on these, I love them all.
Today I received, these lovely decorations, now I recognised these from a couple of yrs ago, hehe Thanks sis for the second pack as my kids pinched the first ones rofl.

Thank you Jacqui and Peg for my lovely advents, I am truely spoilt and blessed.

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Jacqui said...

You're very welcome, glad you like them. xx