Saturday, 4 December 2010

Charts for the Crazy January 2011 Challenge

Here are my charts for this lovely Crazy Challenge. I shall just put the names above them.

Celeste by India Grace Designs
Christmas Elegance - Mirabilia
Christmas is Forever - Lizzie*Kate
Dog Lessons for People - Lizzie*Kate
Fairy of Dreams, The Guardian - Passione Ricamo
January Garnet - Mirabilia
Jingles,Chuckles, Snowball & Titch - Lavender Wings
Merry Little Christmas Cat - Melissa Dawn - HAED
My Lady of the Snow - Passione Ricamo
Neuschwanstein Castle - John Clayton - Heritage
Sabrina - Mirabilia
Shakespears Fairies - Mirabilia
Tiger - Jayne Netley Meyhew
Water Garden - Chatelaine
White Christmas - Thea Dueck - Victoria Sampler
Well here you go Ladies, I hope you enjoy watching me with my progress with all these next yr, it is sure gonna be fun trying to get them all finished. I am going to be working these during the week and then at weekends I must work on my WIPs, that I have at the moment from 19. I am hoping that my current wips will be reduced over the coming months along side all the new starts and finishes for next yr.


Hazel said...

Wow! Hahaha. I'll be watching lol. x

Lesleyanne said...

Some gorgeous designs. Can't wait to see your progress.

demeter83 said...

Wow, am I misunderstanding? Are you planning on doing all 15 in 2011? I'd be doing well if I finished a couple of those. Some gorgeous designs though, I've always been a big fan of Passione Ricamo and have got a couple of designs waiting to be stitched, and the mirabilia's are gorgeous, and we all love HAED.
Good luck, that's basicxally where I'm going with that, I'll look forward to watching your progress on them all

Tina said...

You have certainly picked some biggies there Kathy,are you planning not to sleep for a year lol
Look forward to seeing your wips x

Blu said...

HAHAHA! Oh wait, you're serious? You're planning on finishing all these next year? Best of luck ;) (and I wonder what the house will look like while you're on your epic stitching marathons)

Katri said...

Wow, you certainly have chosen some big designs! I'm trying to stick to smaller designs, seeing that I already have about 16 wips, five of them Chatelaine Mandalas...

Christine said...

Wow! You haven't picked easy ones have you?

Lisa said...

Wow Kathy, have you lost your mind?! Lol, only joking, but you've not picked small projects have you hehe. I considered joining the challenge for a few mins, but it would have had to be ornies for me, too many BAP's on the go already.

Chrizette @ All the days of said...

Oh wow, 15 projects! I have three for 2011 and I know that I won't be able to finish them. BTW just love the DOG LESSONS FOR PEOPLE - too cute!
Good luck and I will be following your progress.
Chriz’s stitchy spot