Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Neuschwanstein Castle Update

Here is an update of Neuschwanstein Castle, I stitched it mainly Sat and today, not done any inbetween, but I am enjoying working on this piece. I am not quite over half way yet, but hoping to be soon.

Will post an update on Sat before I go away for half term

Thursday, 3 February 2011

TUSAL Feb Update

Here is February's TUSAL piccy, as you can see I have been one busy girl lol. If I keep this up I may have to start a second jar lol.

Not done much stitching this week, but I am gonna tackle it whilst huby is away in New York watching the Superbowl, live on TV.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

First HD of the Year for me

Here is my first HD of the Year. I finished this on Sunday 30th Jan, late morning whilst visiting a friend. I made her jump lol, when I finished it. I took it out of my hoop, chucked in the air and went woohoooo, as I always do with a HD lol. He he Sorry Marilyn.

Yesterday I started on Day 2 of the Challenge, that I started back in January called Neuschwanstein Castle, will add an updated pic soon. I now have 33 WIPs in total (well 32 now that one is finished) and I will try and get as many of them as I can finished this year. I know I won't get them all done, but I will have fun trying for sure lol.

Marilyn, thank you very much for your hospitallity at the weekend it was great seeing you, Tessa (Westie) and Jacqui. I had a lovely time and looking forward to seeing you at Nuneaton in March. Things sure have been busy around here this last month. I was ill at the begining fo the year, and I phoned the Golden Retriever Rescue Lady, who we are registered with, to have a rescue Dog. When we were chatting she said they haven't had anytime dogs/bitches in over a year, and we would be best going down the puppy route. So we are now not just looking at Golden Retrievers, but we are also considering Bernese Mountain Dogs and Siberian Huskys as we love all 3 breeds. But I expect the GR will win lol.

I have been going out dog walking with a friend who has a Blue Marl Sheep Dog and looks after a friend's GR called George who is gorgeous, so I get to hold his lead when we go out for our weekly walks. He is a great dog, he listens to me and does as I ask which is great. He is very vocal when I get there says hello, and doesn't stop talking to me til, we get out of the house rofl.

So since we have said we will get a pupy, I have been sorting this house out. Everything that should NOT be on the floor is being moved like the kids lego, my stitching and anything else that needs to be put away, the rest will stay, as he/she will have to learn not to chew etc. So far the Kitchen has been done and the Utility room and Hallway is almost done, just the Lounge and Dining Room to do now, then upstairs to tackle.

We won't be getting or looking for a puppy until my nuneaton trip has been and gone, as we will need to meet mum and the pup/pups. I have said I will do the training, so less trips for me for a while, but I do have friends that have said I can visit and take the dog with me, so it won't be too bad hopefully. Will keep you all posted. WOW I think this is the longest message I have put on here in a long time lol. I hope I haven't bored you all to death rofl.

Have a great day everyone. Tomorrow is TUSAL day so I will take a piccy later and post it tomorrow, with a WIP update of Neuschwanstein Castle.