Friday, 29 July 2011

Bluebell HD and Sabrina WIP

Here is my HD for the week. Bluebell was finished last night woohoooo. I stitched her on 32ct Evenweave by Sugar Maple Fabrics called Gelati.
This is Sabrina, not a great pic, but this is where I got to on her a wek or so ago. I have picked her up again today and she is being stitched on 32ct Lugana, Desert Sky (Silkweavers). Will post a piccy once I have made a dent in her.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

New Rota

WK 1 - Enchanted Fairy
WK 2 - Bluebell (will add Jingles, Chuckles, Snowball & Twitch when BB is finished)
WK 3 - Sabrina
WK 4 - Pompejian Garden

I am putting HAEDs away for a while, having trouble concentrating on them

Friday, 15 July 2011

Bluebell Update

Here is my update on Bluebell, she is coming along nicely and is now away til next time round on the Rota. Thank you all for your lovely comments on Dog Lessons, I loved stitching that piece.

My next piece I am working on is Sabrina (changed my mind), will work on her over the weekend. Monday will see the return of Pompejian Garden.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Dog Lessons for People HD & Bluebell WIP

Here is my HD as of late last night, I finally finished this piece at about 11:45 pm. I stitched this piece on 28ct Monaco by Sassy's Fabbys called Butterscotch Cookie. I just love this fabric, sounds good enough to eat rofl. This will be framed and go over the dogs bed next year when we get our Retriever.
This is a pic of Bluebell from December, as you can see the top section is backstitched and beaded, just have the bottom part of the dress and her legs to go. I did start the front of the skirt back in December so I should be finished by the end of the week.

Next weeks rotation piece will be QS Fragile Heart.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Enchanted Fairy WIP and Goals

Here is Enchanted Fairy, I hadn't stitched on her since October and felt really bad as I was not joining the Passione Ricamo SAL every month and I run it argghhhhhh. So here she is, and I will be working on her in the SAL and also in the rota which works out to start her on SAL weekends which is great. I was hoping to get her beaded and back stitched, but time ran out and I am now onto my next piece.

Yesterday I started working on one of my challenge pieces, called Dog Lessons for People and I will post a pic soon. I have done the top 2 rows so far, and will be cracking on with it for a week. As for Pompejian Garden I am gonna add it to the weekly rota, I was losing my stitchy mojo after a couple of weeks of solid stitching, so if I crack on with this rota all of these should get finished and new ones added as and when. I will not have any new starts unless they are for birthdays or other pressies.

This is my Rota and July Goals
wk 1 Work on Enchanted Fairy - Yes Done.
wk 2 Finish Dog Lessons for People (not sure what to replace it with, will have a think)
wk 3 work on QS Fragile Heart (I will finish this HEAD piece)
wk 4 work on Pompejian Garden (this will be finished this yr)