Saturday, 27 August 2011

Snowman HD

Here is my lovely cute, little snowman, that I stitched up in about 3/4 hours last night. I just fancied something small to work on and here he is. I just adore Snowmen, he was just brilliant to stitch up. I haven't worked on Sabrina much as we have not been in too much lately.

Hubby has been on Holiday for a week and has one more to go, so we have been out and about loads, and have finally finished school clothes and shoe shopping, after having to go and change the trousers for Mark as I had bought the wrong colour grrrrrr. I am going to be away from Sunday thro til Thurs, as we are going up to hubby's Mums for a few days, then home and get them ready for starting their new Schools on the 5th and 6th Sept.

Guy is of to a local School starting on Monday the 5th and Mark is going Private on the 6th, typical when you want them to go to the same School they choose to go to diff schools lol. Never mind it will do them good not to be with each other 24/7.

Thanks for all your wonderful comments on Sabrina, I had hoped to get her finished this month, but it will have to be next month, once this lot are back to School and Work.

I have some new Stash arriving soon from Aus and US, can't wait will show pics one they arrive.


Lesleyanne said...

A very cute finish. Have a lovely time away.

SoCal Debbie said...

The snowman is cute! You are a fast stitcher. This would probably take me 2 hours to finish!

It is good that your boys are in different schools, so they can have their own friends and not always be known as "the twins."

Joysze said...

What a cute finish. :D