Friday, 24 February 2012

Sabrina Update, Celebration Fairy 2006 HD & The Coalman

 Here is my update on Sabrina, so sorry it's been over a month since I last blogged, have been snowed under with stitching and other things to boot lol.  Life has a habit of getting in the way.  But I am not far from finishing her now, and can't wait to get her done, am hoping to finish her in the next 3/4 weeks, but I have a model to stitch up first before I get back to her.
This next piece is called Fairy Celebration 2006, she was stitched for the PR SAL, and I managed to finish her last Friday whilst visiting my friend Marilyn for a few days.  The PR SAL has come around again already, so quickly that this time I am going to stitch on Fairy Celebration 2007, as she is the next one in line to do.  Will post updates next week, will have to do them weekly for a wee while I think, we shall how things go.
This one was mostly stitched up, when I bought a load of stash of my lovely friend Karen who lives in Stockport.  There were only about 100/200 stitches left on it, so when I saw this I got it out and finished it off.  What a lovely piece to finish.  Karen thank you for letting me purchase your lovely stash, it is being well looked after lol.

Today I recieved a lovely email from a lady called Yiotas, who runs her own Cross stitching Business in Hampshire, and has asked me to review her kits, I jumped at the chance of course, what a lovely surprise.  She has seen my work here on my blog, and I am now looking forward to receiving a lovely Chart called Christmas Tree, will post pics of what it will look like and the stitching as I go along.  Thank you Yiotas for asking me, and giving me this opportunity, I feel honoured that I have been asked.  Here is the link Ladies, there are some wonderful designs on this site.

I will post my model stitching finish when I am allowed too, I am currently in the throws of stitching something up for Polstitches as we speak, such a lovely quick stitch, am flying thro it at the moment.


Beth Pearce said...

Sabrina is looking great! What a lovely thing to be able to purchase a whole set of stash to love - congratulations

Sally said...

Love Sabrina! She is so pretty Kathy. Gorgeous finishes too.

Christine said...

Sabrina is looking gorgeous. Great finishes too

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely finishes. Sabrina is looking gorgeous.

Colours of the Outback said...

Beautiful!!!! I've got to start on Sabrina soon, I just love her

Valentina said...

Can't wait to see your Sabrina all done, she's one of my favourite!

Katya5 said...

Beautiful finishes, Kathy, and Sabrina is coming along nicely. So glad to hear from you again.
I did not know you were a model stitcher, although I am not surprised. Your professionalism shows in every piece.
Wishing you well, and hope to hear from you soon again.
Katya xxx

Julie said...

Sabrina is lvely. Nice coal man and fairy finish.

Veronica said...

You've been busy. Almost there with Sabrina. She's looking good. Beautiful finishes. Congratulations!

Now you've got me bubbling with curiousity over what you're stitching for Polstitches. Do post an update soon ^.^