Friday, 30 March 2012

Enchanted Fairy Update as of 30/03/12

This weekend was Passione Ricamo SAL weekend, and I worked on Enchanted Fairy, instead of starting a new piece lol (which I was going to do).  She is looking fab already, I will be working on her some more, but wanted to update as I was late posting.

I shall be working on her until Sunday night, then it will be onto Pompejian Garden during the week, and this lovely lady every weekend, going to try this rotation for a wee while, then I may change to alternating on a weekly basis, we shall see.

Thanks for all your previous comments.  Rose of Sharon has been put aside for now, as I have some model stitching coming my way again, from friends, but also I found some wee problems on RoS too, so need to sit and sort it out before I start stitching on her, but it may be a while before I do get around to her.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Easter Fairy HD & Rose of Sharon WIP

Here is Easter Fairy finished today, took me 4 hours of beading but she looks great. I used the threads, beads and fabric from the kit.
This is Rose of Sharon where my Sis Marilyn got too, and I am taking over to get it finished for her.  Have made a start already, am hoping to have ti done over the weekend/early next week.  It shouldn't take me long hopefully.  It is only top section that needs doing.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Easter Fairy update

Here is Easter Fairy after a couple of days of work, would have been more, but have been out and about and doing house work lol.

I have stitched more since I took this.  I have also had a Model HD, but can't show picture until I get permission, but it's lovely.  Back to EF now until she is finished, hoping to have her done by tomorrow.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Ariadne by Rachel Anderson

This Beauty has just been released today by HAED to stitch, I have set up an FB page to start an SAL of her.  It will either be an April/May start, but we all need to buy all the stash so that we can stitch her lol.  I will be purchasing her very soon, but need some funds first, so best get myself organised in the next couple of weeks.  I have the fabric and some threads but will need more of course lol.  This one is going to get finished, even with the other 5 on the go waiting in the wings he he he !!!
Here is the link Ladies Ariadne