Saturday, 14 April 2012

Ariadne Start and Pompeji Part 6

Ok ok I know I wasn't supposed to start Ariadne until the May SAL Start lol, but once I had sorted out the threads, I just couldn't resist starting her, here it is so far, she has been put away until next month.  I seriously need to concentrate on Pompejian Garden now.
Here is Pompejian Garden Part 6 so far, just the trees to go now, but it took me a day to finish and back stitch the fountain and bird area.  Am looking forward to getting some more done on it, I really enjoyed working on Pomp, so back to it once I am back from visiting family again.

I have also been very naughty and treated myself to the Mirabilia Christmas Limited Edition Trees, from 123 Stitch in the States can't wait for them to arrive,  I have done all the Holiday Fairies now.


Anonymous said...


Great start on Ariadne!

I love your Pompejjan Garden it's beautiful!

Lesleyanne said...

Great new start - I am soooo jealous and your are a naughty girl starting the SAL early but I will let you off. Your Pompejian garden looks great.

Katya5 said...

Beautiful stitching on Pompejian garden. You have so many projects! My hat is off to you for getting everything done and stitched in time. Happy holidays!

Gizzimomo said...

Lovely stitching!!