Tuesday, 29 December 2015

A New Start - QS Spirit of Winter Robin

I had a new start on Sunday night, this is 2 days worth of Stitching on HAED QS Spirit of Winter Robin.

This is what it will look like, once it is finished.  It will be a sow process, but I am determined to actually start and finish my first HAED.  I no longer have the old original HAED WIPs, so this is now my first ever HAED start.  I got rid of the ones I had started, I was lucky I was able to save what was left of the fabric, as not much had been stitched luckily enough.

I have a group on FB set up called WIP/UFO Slaying Challenge for 2016, I am hoping to get a few good finishes in, and ever time I have a couple of finishes, I will treat myself to a brand new start.  In fact I am going to be naughty, and have a New Year, New Start, not sure what I will start I have a few that I want to have a go at.

The choices are:  Spring Beauty Princess, White Winter Santa, Dress Makers Daughter or At the Met, too much choice, plus I have a ton of others, like the 6 other Bewitching Pixies, which I can't wait to do he he.  Think it will be put them in a box, and get the boys to do a lucky dip sometime.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Little House Needleworks HDs

Wooohooo, I seem to have my stitch bug back, they are only small starts and finishes, but I wanted to get my bug back.  The first one is called Peppermint Twist - Stitched on Crafty Kitten Fabric, June 2014 Ltd Ed Opal, 32ct Murano.

The second one is called Season of Love, stitched on the same fabric, It is such a big piece, that I am doing lots of snowmen/christmas stitchy bits on it, then will make into ornies, or get framed one day.

Not sure what I will be stitching next, it will be one of my WIPs I think, but not quite sure which one yet.  Someone suggest St Petersburg, but I may try and finish my cousins Tiger first.  But first things first, I have an infinity scarf for my mum to finish in time for Christmas.  I am also hoping to start ^ Fat Men, by Lizzie Kate.

Hopefully I can get back on track with blogging, I have missed it, and I'm hoping that 2016, will be a fantastic year.  Out with the Old and in with the New.  

Before I forget I have had 2 pieces of awesome news this week.  A friend is making me a knitting basket, and I can't wait to receive it, she is having one made for herself, and her lovely husband has said he will make me one, feeling really humble and blessed.  My next piece of news, I have been searching for the Freesia Connections in Blue, by John Clayton, sold by Heritage Crafts, today I was told I could have the chart, but in chart form only for £7.99, but a few minutes later they let me know that they didn't have the chart in a package, no picture, and now other details, so they are now sending me the chart for FREE.  I wonder what the third good news will be.

I have had such a horrid start to the week, with a migraine, which made me very ill during the day, it tok several hours for me to be able to keep food or drink down.  But now feeling better, and now looking forward to my gifts.

Come back soon, I hope to be posting regularly from now on.  I know it's been a while, but now I'm a single woman and slowly getting life back on track, I will be here as much as possible.

Thank you for looking xx

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Crochet WIP & Finish

This first piece of crochet is a table runner I am making for me, to go over the Christmas Table Cloth, I have.  It is growing slowly and nicely, and hoping to get it finished over the next week.
I made myself an infinity scarf, the colour is called Walnut, I just love it, and it keeps me nice and warm.

I haven't stitched in a while, so hoping to kick of 2016 with a cross stitch wip and hopefully early January finish.  I would love to get my stitchy bug back xxx

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Oh Blimey it's been a while

Hi Everyone

Sorry i haven't been on here for a while, but once the New Year starts I will be back in earnest, I haven't stitched since September, and before that it was a fair few months.  I am very much into crochet and knitting at the moment, but I will be back and hope to be moe with it.  It's been a very busy year.

Take care and Have a great Christmas and New Year

Kathy xx

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Before and after update of Iris

'I just love John Claytons connections series, I gave the set to do in blue before they changed the colour. This is the last in this set of 4 to be worked on


Tonight's sky over Weston, I love it when the sun goes down, the sky is different every night 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Crochet HD and a Stitchy WIP

First up is Guys Cosy CAL Blanket, that I finished at the beginning of the month, he loves it and it's been keeping him warm for a couple of weeks now. 
Today I beaded the top section of January Garnet, I finished the stitching at 10:50pm last night. It took me a fair few hours to get her beaded so far, but I love her.  I have scrolled up the frame ready to make a start on her bottom section. 
Will update, with another wip soon, I'm going to have a break from JG, and work on something else. Not sure what yet. I do have a few, I would like to start but they can wait for a bit lol 😊 xx

This last pic is a wip, of Coastal Ripple Blanket, am hoping to work on this over the next few evenings 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Wip, Finish & Birthday

The first is an update of my Cosy Blanket, which is almost finished.  I have 14 rows and the border to go, am hoping to have it finished this week, should take me long I hope.  Guy keeps pestering for me to get it done Laugh out loud.  It covers my sofa nicely, but I have Coastal Blanket for the sofa to crack on with when I've finished Cosy.
This next piece was for a Round Robin that I am currently in, with some friends thro Crafty Kitten.  This is for Charlie Hayter's Garden Theme.  I was going to do the butterflies on Queen Mariposa, but I just couldn't afford what I needed to stitch and bead her, so I opted for Sabrina, and her beautiful rose, that she is holding.  Charlie, I sure hope you like what I have done.  Posting it next week.  I just have to wait for Dawn's Halloween Piece.

This is my Birthday Present from My Sis Viki Edwards, I received this lovely surprise in the post, and can't wait to start her, I still need  aloud of the beads and some threads, but I have picked out the fabric, so is almost ready for a new start.  But I must remember no new starts just yet, need to get some wipe finished first.
This last pic is of some beautiful orchids, that my friend Carol gave me, I love orchids, just never had any before.  The Colour is one of my favs.

I also received Marks & Spencers Vouchers from my Parents and my handsome boys, and also a voucher from Sew&so, from my lovely friend Michelle.  Thank you everyone, I had a quiet but productive day, even tho I was a wee bit bored lol.

Hopefully I will have a crochet Happy Dance before the week is out, and a WIP update on January Garnet too.

Thank you for my lovely Birthday wishes, made my day.  The boys are on half term this week, sadly Mark is full of a cold and cough, just hope it clears it up before the boys go to their Dads on Thursday morning.

Have a great week my friends, take care for now

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Piccies coming at the weekend

Hi everyone

Tomorrow I am birthday Girl, and will post some piccies over the coming week/weekend.  I've finished my Bolero Jacket and am currently working on a Round Robin that I am doing thro Crafty Kitten Fabrics.

Still not on FB, been a month now, and still single lol.  Its been a blessing, now I can relax and be myself, hopefully one day Mr Right will arrive, but I am NOT rushing I promise.

Hope everyone one is well

Hugs n' Luv

Monday, 2 February 2015

The last few days of Updates

Update on January Garnet, she is coming along nicely and slowly.  Hoping to have an update of her before the weekend is out
The next pic is of mine and the boys favourite naughty snack, I call it my Crunchie, Peanut, Chocolate slab cake (not that it is cake), it is very delicious.  Next thing to make is Red Velvet Cupcakes and some cookies for the kids 
This next piece is a Bolero Jacket, I am knitting up, I'm half way thro my second sleeve and hoping to have it finished by tonight
An update on Guy's lovely Crochet Blanket, he's pestering me to get it finished, which I am hoping to do over the next couple of weeks.   only have 31 rows to go and the border.
It's been a very quiet weekend of me not feeling to well, but I am feeling a lot better, altho I have frozen shoulder at the moment and have had it for a few weeks now, it is getting better, good job I can still drive, otherwise those kids would not get to school on time lol.

The boys go to their Dads on Thursday night until Monday, when they will be coming home to me after school.  My parents are going to be popping over to see me this coming weekend, to bring me my Birthday pressie, and to bring over some crafty things, that use to be belong to my Grandmother, who is in a home.  Am looking forward to some me time with my parents, we have only done it a couple of times, after I split from ex Hubby, this is the first time in 2 yrs that they have come here, so I can save my pennies on fuel, so that I can move homes.  I will still be in the Somerset area, but nearer to Bristol, as I would like to be nearer to the boys schools. 

Hope everyone had a fab weekend and will post some more updates later in the week, or may have to wait until next week.  Take care my lovely friends 

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Crochet Finish & WIP plus Stitchy Finish and WIP

Here are some updates, that I promised I would show you.  As you can see I have a some finishes, one from last year the others are all January finishes and WIPs.

Gigi, Bewitching Pixie, Stitching on 28ct Linen Opal, by Craft Kitten, but can't remember the colour sigh!!!!!  Finished in August 2014
Ana, Bewitching Pixie, Stitched on 32ct Woodland Foxglove Belfast Opal Linen by Crafty Kitten Fabrics, Finished 13 January 2015
This finished large granny square blanket, was the first ever piece of crochet I ever tried, what started out as a small try out granny square, grew into 2 large granny squares joined together to make this blanket for Mark.  He loves it and helps keep him warm in bed on very cold nights.  
This next blanket is called a Cosy Blanket, by Attic 24,  This came in kit for and is a WIP, I am over half way, and Guy is per steering me to get it finished lol.  He loves the colours as do I, the picture is a bit bright compared to the actual blanket, but we love it, and it keeps me warm at night.
 This last pic is of January Garnet, this is where I am up to at the moment, I started her last year as a Thursday Mirabilia SAL with my friend Michelle, who started Buttercup, and has her finished lol.

I have set myself some goals for this year, and that is to not buy any stitchy stash for a while, I think its time to clear my WIPs, seeing as I have 18 of them.  Will update pics another day.  The other is learn more crochet patterns, and see how it goes.  I have the Coastal Ripple blanket waiting in the wings, to do next after Cosy is finished.

Thank you for the lovely welcome back.  I am intend to TRY and keep this up daily.  I know I kept saying that, but I really intend to this time.   I have Guy at home poorly, he has a high temperature and looks very pale, so he was kept home today, hopefully he is back in school tomorrow.  I will have to go and collect Mark later, he has triple games this afternoon, so he will be finishing early.

This morning I watched Maleficent, well all I can say is wow, loved the story line, so much better than the cartoon Disney Story of Sleeping Beauty.  Angelina Jolie, was brilliant as Maleficent.  I would highly recommend this film.

Hugs n' Luv

Kathy xxx

Monday, 26 January 2015

Family and My New Life

Wow is it really 2 yrs since I last blogged opps apologies.

Last year I started to Crochet (after trying for about 20 yrs and failing lol) and made a blanket for Mark, who loves it, it is now on his bed and keeps him warm in this cold english weather.  I have since started a blanket for Guy and it is just over half way,  I will post pictures soon, need to get my camera out.  I will add some of my 2013 finishes to a page and start posting this years finishes as well.  I finished Ana a Bewitching Pixie by Nora Corbett and hoping to stitch and finish the other 4,  I finished Gigi last year.  Both took me roughly a week in total to stitch, they are so quick,  I did make a bo bo tho, Gigi is on 28ct and Ana is on 32 count sigh!!!!!

I have also started knitting again in the last year, I have knitted a couple of jumpers for a friend's son, and now he wants a hat, scarf and glove set lol.  It keeps me busy.

After separating from Ex, we were finally divorced in June 2014, after a 2 yr separation.  It all went well, and we have remained friends ever since.

The boys are growing up so quickly  I cannot believe that they will be 15 this year arghhhhhhhhh lol. Mark wants to become a Mechanical Engineer, which means he has to go to University after he leaves school at 18, as he wants to stay on for 6h form, as does Guy.  Guy wants to follow his dad into IT, and is also thinking about going to University as well.  There talking about going locally so that they can still live at home lol gawd help me ha ha.

I moved to Weston Super Mare back in June 2012, and have been enjoying the flat very much.  But it is now time to move away from here and move nearer the boys schools, so that they can get the buses, and I can finally start working again.  Companies prefer you move before getting a job, as they don't really like you taking time off just to move, so as of today, I am saving up as much as I can, so that we can move nearer to their schools, so I am on a no stash buying resolution, until I have saved up and moved.

We have loved living here, but live has it's downfalls.  The kids friends don't live anywhere near us, and they are all asking for us to move lol.  I was in a relationship for 2 yrs, but he ended it as he has commitment issues, he also lied to me I found out just before Christmas.  So I am better of out of it and I am enjoying being me again.

I left Facebook, Google+, and twitter, they seemed to be taking over my life, and I was also getting fed up of people reporting back to my parents.  Well I decided to cut all that off and get my life back and be me again.  So back to blogging and my Yuku groups.  I'm not sure how often I will blog, but I am hoping to be here most days and posting piccies for all to see.

My profile pic is of me and my boys outside Dunster Castle, last Summer  It was a great day out.  I have also been losing weight.  I was 14st albs and I am now (after gaining quite a bit overt Christmas) 13st 2lbs (I will update my weight loss Journey Blog later.  I want to get down to between 10/11 st  I also dropped a dress size, I was an 18 bordering a 20, but after a year I got down to a 16, I am close to getting into a 14, will take a couple more months but hoping to be in a 12 by the end of this year all being well.

Ahhhhhh soooooo good to be back, and finally getting back to some normality xx