Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Piccies coming at the weekend

Hi everyone

Tomorrow I am birthday Girl, and will post some piccies over the coming week/weekend.  I've finished my Bolero Jacket and am currently working on a Round Robin that I am doing thro Crafty Kitten Fabrics.

Still not on FB, been a month now, and still single lol.  Its been a blessing, now I can relax and be myself, hopefully one day Mr Right will arrive, but I am NOT rushing I promise.

Hope everyone one is well

Hugs n' Luv


Ineke said...

Happy Birthday Kathy. Wishing this new year will be a very good one.

Terri said...

Happy birthday!!

Kathy said...

Thanks ladies, it's been a very quiet day so far Laugh out loud

Julie said...

Looking forward to seeing your pics.

Sally said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kathy xx