Monday, 2 February 2015

The last few days of Updates

Update on January Garnet, she is coming along nicely and slowly.  Hoping to have an update of her before the weekend is out
The next pic is of mine and the boys favourite naughty snack, I call it my Crunchie, Peanut, Chocolate slab cake (not that it is cake), it is very delicious.  Next thing to make is Red Velvet Cupcakes and some cookies for the kids 
This next piece is a Bolero Jacket, I am knitting up, I'm half way thro my second sleeve and hoping to have it finished by tonight
An update on Guy's lovely Crochet Blanket, he's pestering me to get it finished, which I am hoping to do over the next couple of weeks.   only have 31 rows to go and the border.
It's been a very quiet weekend of me not feeling to well, but I am feeling a lot better, altho I have frozen shoulder at the moment and have had it for a few weeks now, it is getting better, good job I can still drive, otherwise those kids would not get to school on time lol.

The boys go to their Dads on Thursday night until Monday, when they will be coming home to me after school.  My parents are going to be popping over to see me this coming weekend, to bring me my Birthday pressie, and to bring over some crafty things, that use to be belong to my Grandmother, who is in a home.  Am looking forward to some me time with my parents, we have only done it a couple of times, after I split from ex Hubby, this is the first time in 2 yrs that they have come here, so I can save my pennies on fuel, so that I can move homes.  I will still be in the Somerset area, but nearer to Bristol, as I would like to be nearer to the boys schools. 

Hope everyone had a fab weekend and will post some more updates later in the week, or may have to wait until next week.  Take care my lovely friends 


Julie said...

A beautiful looking lady.
The blankets growing well and the knittings looking good too.
The cake looks better lol x

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better! X

Cinzia said...

Great work, I love them, and your fairy looks painted rather than stitched!

Clare - Aimetu said...

Lovely stitching, great colours on your blanket :-)

Maureen said...

Oh that cake slab looks soooo good!!