Sunday, 15 February 2015

Wip, Finish & Birthday

The first is an update of my Cosy Blanket, which is almost finished.  I have 14 rows and the border to go, am hoping to have it finished this week, should take me long I hope.  Guy keeps pestering for me to get it done Laugh out loud.  It covers my sofa nicely, but I have Coastal Blanket for the sofa to crack on with when I've finished Cosy.
This next piece was for a Round Robin that I am currently in, with some friends thro Crafty Kitten.  This is for Charlie Hayter's Garden Theme.  I was going to do the butterflies on Queen Mariposa, but I just couldn't afford what I needed to stitch and bead her, so I opted for Sabrina, and her beautiful rose, that she is holding.  Charlie, I sure hope you like what I have done.  Posting it next week.  I just have to wait for Dawn's Halloween Piece.

This is my Birthday Present from My Sis Viki Edwards, I received this lovely surprise in the post, and can't wait to start her, I still need  aloud of the beads and some threads, but I have picked out the fabric, so is almost ready for a new start.  But I must remember no new starts just yet, need to get some wipe finished first.
This last pic is of some beautiful orchids, that my friend Carol gave me, I love orchids, just never had any before.  The Colour is one of my favs.

I also received Marks & Spencers Vouchers from my Parents and my handsome boys, and also a voucher from Sew&so, from my lovely friend Michelle.  Thank you everyone, I had a quiet but productive day, even tho I was a wee bit bored lol.

Hopefully I will have a crochet Happy Dance before the week is out, and a WIP update on January Garnet too.

Thank you for my lovely Birthday wishes, made my day.  The boys are on half term this week, sadly Mark is full of a cold and cough, just hope it clears it up before the boys go to their Dads on Thursday morning.

Have a great week my friends, take care for now


Christine said...

That blanket is stunning!

Kathy said...

Thanks Christine, Guy is cited, he can finally have it on his bed lol

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Welcome back to blogging! I'm behind on my reading (as usual) so I only just caught up with your last few posts.

Sounds like you are getting it all together now. You've certainly been doing some beautiful stitching. Love your Nora Hallowe'en pixies. They are on my wish list.

Sally said...

Your blanket is gorgeous Kathy.

Lovely gift and the round robin is so pretty.

Lisa said...

your blanket is gorgeous Kathy, I so want to learn to crochet but struggle as a left hander lol
love the piece you've done on the round robin