Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Before and after update of Iris

'I just love John Claytons connections series, I gave the set to do in blue before they changed the colour. This is the last in this set of 4 to be worked on


Tonight's sky over Weston, I love it when the sun goes down, the sky is different every night 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Crochet HD and a Stitchy WIP

First up is Guys Cosy CAL Blanket, that I finished at the beginning of the month, he loves it and it's been keeping him warm for a couple of weeks now. 
Today I beaded the top section of January Garnet, I finished the stitching at 10:50pm last night. It took me a fair few hours to get her beaded so far, but I love her.  I have scrolled up the frame ready to make a start on her bottom section. 
Will update, with another wip soon, I'm going to have a break from JG, and work on something else. Not sure what yet. I do have a few, I would like to start but they can wait for a bit lol 😊 xx

This last pic is a wip, of Coastal Ripple Blanket, am hoping to work on this over the next few evenings