Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Crochet HD and a Stitchy WIP

First up is Guys Cosy CAL Blanket, that I finished at the beginning of the month, he loves it and it's been keeping him warm for a couple of weeks now. 
Today I beaded the top section of January Garnet, I finished the stitching at 10:50pm last night. It took me a fair few hours to get her beaded so far, but I love her.  I have scrolled up the frame ready to make a start on her bottom section. 
Will update, with another wip soon, I'm going to have a break from JG, and work on something else. Not sure what yet. I do have a few, I would like to start but they can wait for a bit lol 😊 xx

This last pic is a wip, of Coastal Ripple Blanket, am hoping to work on this over the next few evenings 


Barb said...

The afghan is pretty. The fairy is also stunning. Great job on both.

Lisa said...

Hi Kathy your crochet blankets are gorgeous, love them, I really need to try to crochet again my attempts haven't been great. Garnet fairy is looking great, I really dislike beading, I have mira's red half stitched but dread the beading

Kathy said...

Thanks ladies. Lisa I love beading lol, that's the best bit for me he he she will look fab when finished. I've got Red to do in my stash along with a few others lol xx