Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Before and after update of Iris

'I just love John Claytons connections series, I gave the set to do in blue before they changed the colour. This is the last in this set of 4 to be worked on


Tonight's sky over Weston, I love it when the sun goes down, the sky is different every night 


Hazel said...

Lovely progress Kathy. Beautiful sunset too. xx

Sally said...

Lovely progress. Your sunset photo is gorgeous.

Kathy said...

Thanks you ladies, must get but in gear, not done anything since Tuesday, mind you it's been a busy time as had to get flat sorted for inspection xx

Julie said...

Lovely sunset photo.
Great blanket in the post below.

Yekaterina Haussler said...

Lovely sunset!
Good to see you back. Hope you post soon again. :)