Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Little House Needleworks HDs

Wooohooo, I seem to have my stitch bug back, they are only small starts and finishes, but I wanted to get my bug back.  The first one is called Peppermint Twist - Stitched on Crafty Kitten Fabric, June 2014 Ltd Ed Opal, 32ct Murano.

The second one is called Season of Love, stitched on the same fabric, It is such a big piece, that I am doing lots of snowmen/christmas stitchy bits on it, then will make into ornies, or get framed one day.

Not sure what I will be stitching next, it will be one of my WIPs I think, but not quite sure which one yet.  Someone suggest St Petersburg, but I may try and finish my cousins Tiger first.  But first things first, I have an infinity scarf for my mum to finish in time for Christmas.  I am also hoping to start ^ Fat Men, by Lizzie Kate.

Hopefully I can get back on track with blogging, I have missed it, and I'm hoping that 2016, will be a fantastic year.  Out with the Old and in with the New.  

Before I forget I have had 2 pieces of awesome news this week.  A friend is making me a knitting basket, and I can't wait to receive it, she is having one made for herself, and her lovely husband has said he will make me one, feeling really humble and blessed.  My next piece of news, I have been searching for the Freesia Connections in Blue, by John Clayton, sold by Heritage Crafts, today I was told I could have the chart, but in chart form only for £7.99, but a few minutes later they let me know that they didn't have the chart in a package, no picture, and now other details, so they are now sending me the chart for FREE.  I wonder what the third good news will be.

I have had such a horrid start to the week, with a migraine, which made me very ill during the day, it tok several hours for me to be able to keep food or drink down.  But now feeling better, and now looking forward to my gifts.

Come back soon, I hope to be posting regularly from now on.  I know it's been a while, but now I'm a single woman and slowly getting life back on track, I will be here as much as possible.

Thank you for looking xx


Yekaterina Haussler said...

So glad to see you back, Kathy!
Wonderful stitched pieces! Congrats on getting your stitch bug back, may it stay a while.
Hope to see you back soon. I missed you.

Kathy said...

Awwww thanks Katya, it's good to be back, I'm hoping to stay, must get some pictures up, just had a new start this week lol