Monday, 4 January 2016


Happy New Year everyone, hope you all had an amazing time.

I have not only got my 2016 WIPs challenge on the go, but I am also doing the Crazy January challenge of, so many new starts in January and getting them finished by the end of the year (don't think I will get many finished lol).

Just took delivery of my new mobile phone too, so having a play with that.

My first January crazy start is Queen Mariposa, not much done, but it's been a busy morning, in the Fisher household.

The first WIP I am concentrating on for the WIPS challenge is Iris, will update pictures tomorrow or Wednesday.

I am also restarting my weight loss journey and I will update you here, rather than have a separate blog, it's time to cut the fat.  I am NOT doing New year resolutions, I decided to set a goal and stick to it, so my first goal is to loose the 40/45 lbs that is needed, and the other goals will be to get as many WIPs as possible finished, and that includes my crochet WIPs and the new things waiting in the wings to get them started and finished 

Lots of love xx

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Yekaterina Haussler said...

Best of luck with your starts - can't wait to see the pics, I am sure they are beautiful projects. And good luck with the weight loss journey from a fellow "loser". Happy New Year!