Tuesday, 16 February 2016

January Garnet Happy Dance, A New Start, Birthday Presents and The New Mirabilia

On Saturday, I finished January Garnet.  She was an absolute dream to stitch, and I enjoyed beading her.  Apart from a 2 day break, the bottom section of the dress, took me 2 weeks.

Stitched on Sage 32t Belfast Linen
By Crafty Kitten Fabrics

This next piece is a new wee start, have almost finished this.  It is called Song of Spring by Lizzie Kate. I just wanted a small start/finish, so I got Mark to choose, and this is the one he went for.

The next is my Birthday present from my Handsome Boys (Birthday was on the 11th Feb).  Season 1 on Law & Order SVU, I love this show, I haven't had the privilege of watching it from the beginning, but I have watched the last 4 series.  Just seen that there will be a Series 18 woohooo.  Now to slowly collect all the other seasons.

This next piece is called Snow Queen by Mirabilia, I sooooo can't wait to order her on Monday, when funds will have gone one.  She is just gorgeous, I have got some fabric in my stash for her already.  I will be using 32t Belfast Opal Linen, called Misty Morning by Crafty Kitten.

Thank you for all your lovely previous comments, I really must get this up and running properly.  I will try and update once or twice a week xx

Friday, 5 February 2016

January Garnet Upate

Here is a JG update, am working on her day in and day out at the moment.  She is coming along nicely, and can't wait to get her finished.  Hoping to get this side done by the end of Saturday, then I only have the left side of the dress to do, before I can say I have a Happy dance.  Hoping to have her completed by the end of this month.

This next piece is a baby C2C Blanket for a friend who recently had a bay, currently also knitting a couple of cardigans for her too, will add pictures once they are both finished.

This will be the next piece that I intend to finish, once JG is finished.  It is called Flowers of the Orient (3).  It is roughly half way, so hoping to get this one done next, then I am thinking of having a new start possibly.  But not sure what, I have plenty to choose from lol