Tuesday, 16 February 2016

January Garnet Happy Dance, A New Start, Birthday Presents and The New Mirabilia

On Saturday, I finished January Garnet.  She was an absolute dream to stitch, and I enjoyed beading her.  Apart from a 2 day break, the bottom section of the dress, took me 2 weeks.

Stitched on Sage 32t Belfast Linen
By Crafty Kitten Fabrics

This next piece is a new wee start, have almost finished this.  It is called Song of Spring by Lizzie Kate. I just wanted a small start/finish, so I got Mark to choose, and this is the one he went for.

The next is my Birthday present from my Handsome Boys (Birthday was on the 11th Feb).  Season 1 on Law & Order SVU, I love this show, I haven't had the privilege of watching it from the beginning, but I have watched the last 4 series.  Just seen that there will be a Series 18 woohooo.  Now to slowly collect all the other seasons.

This next piece is called Snow Queen by Mirabilia, I sooooo can't wait to order her on Monday, when funds will have gone one.  She is just gorgeous, I have got some fabric in my stash for her already.  I will be using 32t Belfast Opal Linen, called Misty Morning by Crafty Kitten.

Thank you for all your lovely previous comments, I really must get this up and running properly.  I will try and update once or twice a week xx


Blu said...

Garnet looks amazing!
I look forward to Snow Queen.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous finish, love Garnet. The Snow Queen is so beautiful, she is on my wishlist ♥

Yekaterina Haussler said...

Happy belated birthday!
Your Garnet looks wonderful, congratulations on a beautiful finish.
Wow, I love "Law and Order: SVU" as well.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Congratulations on your Happy Dance for Garnet, she looks lovely on that fabric. I like Dawn's hand-dyed fabrics, they compliment the designs rather than distract from them.
Snow Queen is amazing! Maybe a opalescent fabric for that one, with the extra glimmer?

Kay said...

I absolutely love January Garnet. I have never liked her particularly and been slightly miffed about that as garnet is my birth stone, but your choice of fabric really makes her stand out. x

Von said...

Sounds like you had a marvelous birthday!
Congrats on finishing your wonderful January Garnet. What a treasure!!