Tuesday, 29 January 2019

I have been a Terrible Blogger and not posted in almost 3 years YIKES!!

Hi Everyone

I have decided to resurface, although I am about alot on FB, I do actually miss blogging on here.

On the 14th March I started my first job after 16 years of being a stay at Home Mum, it was tough going to start with, but I am now very settled and enjoying the job.  I don't do things by half, I went straight into a fulltime job, instead of part time to ease myself into it.  Surfice to say, I am so pleased to be earning, and not relying on Benefits anymore, such a relief.

I haven't had any stitchy finishes, since I last posted, I kinda lost my mojo a bit, and had to sell alot of stuff off.  I still have a fair few WIPs that need finishing, and I am slowly starting to get back into it.  I have worked 2 weekends on the trot on Flowers Of the Orient 3

Above is where I stopped 23 weeks ago, thinking my mojo was back, but it wasn't.  As you can see below I have done a fair bit on Flowers of The Orient (3), This is 2 Weekends worth of stitching.  The light here isn't great so I'm having to stitch on weekends in the day time.
My evenings are filled with Crocheting and cathcing up on Spread sheets for groups I help run on Facebook.

I am currently working on Baby Blanket called End of the Rainbow, done in Bernat Colours.  I only have 4 more colours to do including the Green, then it goes Blue, Purple and White, with a white border, such an easy blanket to make, will definitely be making it again .
Towards the end of December 2016 I decided to Join the #Walk1000miles, and in 2017 I Walked 1020 Miles, in 2018 I walked 1329.85 Miles.  Last Year I also signed up to do the Trail Everest Anywhere Challenge, which is counting your elevations on all walks whether it being indoors upand down the stairs or out and baout walking in the lovely Fresh Air.  I also help run few groups that are linked to the #walk1000miles Group.  One is a weight loss group, ana I look after a spread sheet, to collect everyones weight at the end of every Month.  There nowt like keeping me busy

On the 22nd September 2017, I met my amazing new partner called Guy Brindle.  On Friday 14th September 2018 we got engaged.  He is a full time carer for his parents and currently lives with them in Cornwall.  I still live in my 2 bed Flat in Weston Super Mare, the boys are now nearly 19, and have lived with their Dad for almost 3 years.  When they were 16, they had the option of staying with Mum or moving in with their Dad, I was sad to see them move out and live with him, but we still keep our alternate weekends, as that's what the boys prefer, and it means we both get to see them equally.

Speaking of my lovely almost 19 yr old boys, they still keep me on my toes.  Guy is now doing an Apprenticeship in an Insurance Brokers firm Called Willis Towers Watson, and loving it.  He started there back in September 2018, and has been doing really well.  He passed his first exam with flying colours.  Mark is at College doing a Gaming course at a college called Boomsatsuma, and loving it, he got a disdinction in his first project.  He also streams live on You Tube with the games that he plays, and has over 800 subscribers.

They both have girlfriends now.  Guy & Letitia will have been together 3 years on the 10th June.  Mark & Kiera have been together for 13 months.  I love it when the flat is full of teenagers and Mr B.  Yes My partner has the same name as my Son and they both have a scar on their chin, in the same place, which is spooky, but we all get on very well.  Guy Brindle will now be known as Mr B, as that is what we all refer to him as, and He called me Mrs B.  There are no plans to get married at the moment, as he does have his parents to think of, and I won't move to Cornwall due the fact it would be too far away from my parents and my children.  God forbid if anything happened to them, I'd be too far away.  Where I live is not totally ideal for work, but one day I will have the funds to sort out my finanaces and move closer to work, so that I can walk, rather than drive everywhere.  I'm lucky where I live as I have shops on my doorstep, and I am a 20 min walk into town and to the Beach.  But to get to work it can take me 45 to over an hours drive at times, depending on the traffic.

Well I had best leave it there, I have a long day tomorrow, working 9am-9pm as we have to host things in the evenings at the office, but I love it, and it's extra well needed money

Good night, god bless, and I am back to stay I have really missed being here, and so sorry for staying away for so long, but as you can probably guess life is very hectic for me at the moment.

I'm just glad to get my stitchy mojo back phew xxxx


Astrids dragon said...

Wonderful progress on Flowers of the Orient and your blanket is beautiful, welcome back!

Kathy said...

Thank you, it's good to be back xx

Yekaterina Haussler said...

Hi Kathy, I am so glad you are back! It has been quite a while, and in that while - so many changes! I know what you mean by life being hectic, and after a full day at work stitching feels good - in theory, but in reality one just falls asleep with a needle in her hands, right in the chair... (I am speaking for myself now).
Beautiful stitching, and I hope to read another post from you soon - about anything. Welcome back!

Kathy said...

Thank you, need to get some phots up, been busy with stitching and knitting. Will do that this weekend :-)